A Glorious Victory from Saulieu: The Fantastic Achievement of Aart van der Wetering

A Glorious Victory from Saulieu: The Fantastic Achievement of Aart van der Wetering

Jan de Wijs

The sky in Saulieu, France, was slightly cloudy when at 7:20 AM on a crisp morning, the start was given for an exciting pigeon race. As many as 2668 pigeons, from 256 enthusiastic participants from District 7 "Middle Netherlands," stretched their wings and began their epic journey of hundreds of kilometers towards their home in the Netherlands.

Among them was a pigeon that would make history: the NL.23-9407021, affectionately called "The 021," from the modest but passionate pigeon fancier Aart van der Wetering.

A Victory for the History Books
At exactly 14:06:46, "The 021" landed in Aart's lofts in Wijk en Aalburg. The pigeon covered the distance with an impressive speed of 1245 meters per minute, making this flight a true triumph. With a total distance of 502 kilometers, this meant an average speed that attests to the exceptional quality and condition of "The 021."

A Glorious Victory from Saulieu: The Fantastic Achievement of Aart van der Wetering

The Legendary Lineage of "The 021"
The success of "The 021" is not accidental. The pigeon was bred by Aart's son Christian, a well-known name in pigeon racing, partly due to his work with Jan Hooymans. The pedigree of "The 021" reads like a hall of fame of pigeon champions: with ancestors like "New Prince" from Wout Spirings, "Jonge Bliksem" from Gaby Vandenabeele, "Dirkje" from Gerard Koopman, and "Dolce Vita" from Pieter Veenstra, it is no wonder this pigeon reaches great heights.

On the mother's side, we find the legendary "Blue Brave," an outstanding cock pigeon from Christiaan vd Wetering. This fantastic flyer has achieved remarkable victories, including 1st place in Quievrain against 2046 pigeons, 1st place in St. Quentin against 948 pigeons, 1st place in Sezanne against 368 pigeons, and many more. The number of children and grandchildren that excel worldwide is almost countless.

A Performance to Be Proud Of
With only nine pigeons in the race, Aart achieved an exceptional feat by winning six prizes. The final result against the 2668 participating pigeons speaks volumes: 1st, 84th, 238th, 240th, 298th, and 723rd place. It is clear that we are dealing with an enthusiast who achieves great results with a small basket.

The Road to Success
Aart's passion for pigeon racing began a few years ago when his youngest son Mark started flying in Christian's old loft. Mark did well, but it was father Aart who was soon captivated by the excitement and joy of the sport.
Christian, the eldest son, has built an impressive track record over the years with top pigeons. For Aart, the choice of where to get his pigeons was simple. Each year, he receives dozens of pigeons from Christian and asks him countless questions to refine his knowledge and skills.

Additionally, Aart annually receives pigeons from Andre van der Linden and the combination S & P van Helden, who are also known for their strong pigeons. These collaborations have not only contributed to Aart's successes but also to valuable friendships – something Aart considers the essence of pigeon racing.

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A Promising Future
With this race from Saulieu, Aart van der Wetering has firmly established his name in pigeon racing. His dedication, careful selection of top pigeons, and learning from the best in the field have paid off. The victory of "The 021" is proof of what is possible with passion, perseverance, and the right guidance.

For pigeon enthusiasts worldwide, Aart's story is an inspiration. It reminds us that in this sport, where the bonds between humans and animals are central, the greatest successes often come from the smallest lofts. We look forward to the next race and to new chapters in Aart's impressive career in pigeon racing.

Until the next blog,

Jan de Wijs
Blogger & Racing Pigeon Expert

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