Andre Roodhooft, 1st National Argenton 3.994 old pigeons

Andre Roodhooft, 1st National Argenton 3.994 old pigeons

Jan de Wijs

Let's dive into the excitement again! Andre Roodhooft from Pulderbos (B) is the talk of the town in the pigeon racing world. Why? Because he's secured yet another first-place trophy at the National Argenton race.

His amazing hen, “Marleentje”, not only topped the category for older birds among 3,994 competitors, but she also flew faster than a staggering 22,871 birds overall. This is what you call a flying sensation!

Did you know “Marleentje” has some illustrious genes? She's a proud member of the Niels Broeckx pigeon lineage, a name synonymous with top-notch racing quality. The best part? Andre did buy her as a voucher!

Andre has been in a state of evolution recently, changing gears from his tried-and-true classic widowhood system to experimenting with total widowhood. Though he's giving the new system a whirl, he firmly believes the classic approach still best suits his team of racers.

Andre is also a strategist when it comes to timing. Initially, he darkened his pigeons from March to May 18, but he’s thinking of adjusting that next season to hit that optimal performance sweet spot.

Preparation for Argenton was a meticulous affair. The birds were at the end of their nesting period or caring for chicks no older than four days. In terms of training, Andre has a plan as solid as oak. Mornings are reserved for the male birds and the late afternoons are when the females get their workout.

As for nutrition, Andre trusts Natural mixtures all the way. From Sport to Super Diet, these birds get the crème de la crème of racing fuel.

On the health front, Andre is no amateur. Seasonal tricho treatments and ad hoc interventions ensure that his pigeons are always in top form.

And let’s not forget Marleentje's stats: a jaw-dropping arrival time of 13:51:56, covering 563.475 km with an awe-inspiring velocity of 1750.74 m/min. She has a stellar track record that only adds to her legend.

Cheers to Andre Roodhooft and his “Marleentje” for setting the skies ablaze with their phenomenal performance!

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