The Triumph of Auke van der Deen: Victory at Sens

The Triumph of Auke van der Deen: Victory at Sens

Jan de Wijs

In the pigeon racing world, the name Auke van der Deen has become synonymous with consistency and success. His recent victory in the prestigious race from Sens, France, is a shining testament to his skill and dedication. In this competition, which was a spectacle with 4526 pigeons from 386 enthusiasts from department 3 "Oost Brabant," Auke once again demonstrated his superiority.

Race Conditions
The race from Sens, covering a distance of 383 kilometers to Hoogeloon where Auke's lofts are located, occurred under ideal conditions. Released at 07:30 under clear skies, with a weak variable wind and a temperature of 14 degrees Celsius, the conditions provided a perfect stage for a fast and thrilling race. The first pigeon, proudly bearing ring number NL.23-2341914, landed at 12:05:01, achieving an impressive speed of 1394 meters per minute.

The Triumph of Auke van der Deen: Victory at Sens

Auke's Strategy and Performance
Auke's approach to pigeon racing, particularly his application of the double widowhood system where pigeons are not separated in winter and encouraged to nest in March, plays a key role in his success. This method seems to give his pigeons extra motivation as they fly the initial races on nest, often resulting in outstanding performances.

For this race, Auke entered 24 pigeons, of which 14 won prizes, securing notable positions like 1st, 8th, 104th, 163rd, and beyond. The winning pigeon had previously proven its championship pedigree with a first place from Morlincourt last year. This underscores that both the quality of the pigeons and Auke's strategy are top-notch.

The breeds in Auke's lofts?
Direct from Ad Schaerlaeckens (and through Frans and Betsie van Heteren), Danny van Dyck, Embregts-Theunis, Will & Dirk Geudens, Peter van Oerle and S & P van Helden. For the marathon races, he bought some from Frank Zwiers and Jan Boersma. Each pigeon carefully selected for top-level performance, as evidenced by their consistent results.

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In Conclusion
This victory at Sens is not just a testament to Auke's prowess as a pigeon fancier but also an inspiration to others in the sport. His approach and the results he achieves highlight the potential of thorough preparation and expertise. With annual departmental victories and top 10 placements across all disciplines, Auke van der Deen remains a leading figure in the world of pigeon racing.

Auke, congratulations on this fantastic achievement, and we look forward to more successes from you in the future. Your dedication and passion for pigeon racing are a true inspiration to us all.

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Jan de Wijs
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