A Weekend to Never Forget for Bram ten Klei: 1st and 2nd against 11,049 pigeons!

A Weekend to Never Forget for Bram ten Klei: 1st and 2nd against 11,049 pigeons!

Jan de Wijs

In the picturesque village of Zuidoostbeemster lives Bram ten Klei, a passionate pigeon fancier who has poured his heart and soul into the sport for many years. On June 2, 2024, he experienced an extraordinary day during the race from Vitry-en-Artois. This day, when his pigeons shone brightly, will be etched in his memory for a long time. 

A New Start in Zuidoostbeemster  
Bram ten Klei, 47 years old, lives with his wife and three children (ages 20, 17, and 15) in Zuidoostbeemster. After the passing of his father in 2008, with whom he practiced pigeon racing, Bram decided to continue on his own. In 2017, he moved to his current home, where he has more space to pursue his beloved sport. This move marked the beginning of a new phase in his pigeon racing career. 

A Thoughtful Plan After moving 
Bram devised a plan to improve his performance. He started by building a good loft and sought out the best pigeons. Through clubmates Gerard Timmer, René Krijger, and Jelger Klinkenberg, he acquired excellent pigeons. Additionally, he purchased pigeons from renowned names such as Albert Roording, Peter Crans, and Arie Dijkstra. Bram enjoys searching for good pigeons in the winter and occasionally trying out new additions. 

A Simple but Effective Racing System  
Due to his busy job and young family, Bram chose a straightforward racing system. He races exclusively with the hens, which simplifies care. Most hens raised two youngsters in the spring and have their own cocks that stay home. The hens sit on perches in front of the nesting boxes and can enter the breeding boxes on the evening of basketing, where they always see their cock. 

The Race on June 2, 2024  
The race on June 2 from Vitry-en-Artois, a distance of 277 km to Zuidoostbeemster, was an exciting event. The pigeons were released at 1:30 PM with a moderate northwest wind, after a challenging weekend weather-wise. Together with pigeon friend Samir Begovic, Bram eagerly awaited the arrival of his pigeons. Around 5:17 PM, a pigeon needed to arrive to be well-placed, but to Bram's great surprise, two pigeons landed simultaneously at 5:13:57 PM. They both made a speed of 1238 meters per minute. Shortly after, the third and fourth pigeons arrived. These pigeons ultimately finished in positions 1, 2, 5, and 11 in Region 6 North Holland against 11,049 pigeons! 

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The full result was: 1-2-5-11-94-142-165-166-335-621-819-832-864-1153-2090, with 22 pigeons entered and 15 prizes won. 

Top Form  Is There For Sure! 
That the pigeons are in top form is also evident from the results of previous weeks. For example, last week four of Bram’s pigeons finished in the top ten of North Holland against 8043 pigeons. 

The Winning Pigeons  
The first two pigeons, 23-596 "Lititia" and 22-424 "Femke", are sisters from the same pair and named after long track speed skaters. These pigeons come from a breeding pair from which multiple top performers have been bred. The father of this pair comes from clubmate René Krijger and has an impressive pedigree, including the famous "Jan" from Leo Heremans. The mother comes from Albert Roording from Eefde and has lines from "Kittel" by Dirk van den Bulck and "the Lamme" by Jef Claeskens. 

Bram ten Klei, winning racing pigeons for sale
Bram ten Klei's dedication, passion, and strategic approach have led him and his pigeons to these impressive achievements. With such results and a well-thought-out system, Bram remains an inspiration to many in the pigeon racing community. We look forward to his future successes and adventures in this wonderful sport. 


Until the next blog, 

Jan de Wijs  
Blogger & Racing Pigeon Expert 

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