The Grand Victory of Co Verbree in the Race from Niergnies

The Grand Victory of Co Verbree in the Race from Niergnies

Jan de Wijs

In an unforgettable event for pigeon racing, Co Verbree, a legendary pigeon fancier from Putten, achieved a grand victory in the race from Niergnies, France. On a day that will go down in the annals of pigeon racing history, Co Verbree, with his seven entered pigeons, won seven prizes, including the first prize against a mass of 6139 pigeons.

Perfect Conditions and an Unprecedented Performance
On the fateful day, the pigeons were released at 9:10 AM in Niergnies, under perfect conditions with a strong southwest wind and a temperature of 12 degrees Celsius. The distance to Co's loft in Putten was 288 kilometers. With meticulous planning and an eye for the smallest details, Co's pigeons were in top form.

At 11:21:03, the first pigeon arrived at Co's loft, with a breathtaking speed of 2198 meters per minute. This speed was not only good for the first prize in department 7 "Central Netherlands," but also the fastest pigeon in all of the Netherlands that day across all releases. This impressive fact testifies to the exceptional quality of Co's pigeons and his years of experience and dedication to the sport.

The Grand Victory of Co Verbree in the Race from Niergnies

A Complete Clean Sweep
Co Verbree's achievement was not just a fleeting moment of success; it was a total triumph. All seven entered pigeons won a prize, resulting in an impressive outcome: 1-38-42-48-343-589-815. This clean sweep is a rare and admirable feat that marks Co as a true master in pigeon racing.

A Lifetime of Dedication to Pigeon Racing
Co Verbree, over 80 years young, has dedicated an impressive 70 years of his life to pigeon racing. Despite health issues in 2018 and his son Piet's decision to stop racing pigeons, Co has always maintained his passion. In 2019, his pigeons were sold to China, but due to the coronavirus pandemic and avian flu, some young pigeons were bred, leading to a cautious restart in 2021.

Restart with Exceptional Pigeons
Co Verbree's restart was made possible with the help of the Hermans family and the breeding of young pigeons from a few pairs. With additions of pigeons from renowned fanciers such as Ad Schaerlaeckens, Foppe v/d Meer, and others, Co formed a strong breeding loft consisting of 10 pairs. His flying team of 16 pigeons, including 4 cocks and 12 hens, has since produced excellent results.

Co Verbree, racing Pigeons For Sale
An Inspiration for Pigeon Fanciers Worldwide

Co Verbree's victory is not only a testament to his mastery but also an inspiration for pigeon fanciers worldwide. His dedication, craftsmanship, and the quality of his pigeons highlight the potential of this beautiful sport. Co's achievement shows that age is no limitation when passion and expertise come together.


Pigeon fanciers around the world can learn from the example of Co Verbree – a living legend who repeatedly proves that with the right care, strategy, and love for the sport, exceptional successes are within reach.

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Jan de Wijs
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