Combination ten Cate Triumphs from Perigueux: A Victory Story for the Books

Combination ten Cate Triumphs from Perigueux: A Victory Story for the Books

Jan de Wijs

The tension was palpable on the day of the marathon flight from Perigueux. With 2908 pigeons from 284 enthusiasts from section 8 "Gelders Overijsselse Unie," it was a battle to be the best. Among these many participants, one combination was eager to make their mark on this flight: Combination ten Cate.

Perfect Conditions for a Perfect Flight
At 08:00, the pigeons took to the air with a temperature of 19 degrees and a variable wind force of 3. These conditions promised a fair, but hard flight, and the expectation was that the pigeons would arrive the same day. These expectations were more than met.

A Crown on the Work: The Winning Cock
At 20:40:51, the first pigeon arrived at the lofts of Combination ten Cate in Hattemerbroek. This winning cock, NL.22 - 8219003, covered the 899 kilometers at a speed of 1182 meters per minute. This performance is all the more remarkable when considering that the cock flew nearly 900 kilometers within one day.

A Family with a Rich History
Brothers Dik (55) and Arie (45) ten Cate form Combination ten Cate. Their passion for pigeon racing is deeply rooted in their family history. Father Dik ten Cate Sr. started pigeon racing years ago, inspired by his father-in-law and other family members who were also active in the sport. Unfortunately, Dik Sr. passed away at a young age, but his son Dik Jr. took up the mantle and, together with his brother Arie, built a successful pigeon colony.

Winning the first prize in Perigueux once again confirms the brothers' status as top pigeon enthusiasts. The winning cock was just one of the 22 pigeons entered by Combination ten Cate, and no less than 14 of these pigeons won a prize. An impressive feat that demonstrates the strength of their colony.

Combination ten Cate Triumphs from Perigueux: A Victory Story for the Books

Results to Be Proud Of
The overall result of Combination ten Cate in this flight was impressive:
1 - 6 - 26 - 109 - 230 - 293 - 335 - 396 - 505 - 619 - 682 - 781 - 790 - 954. These results show the consistency and quality of their pigeons.

A Look at the Past and the Future
The history of Combination ten Cate is one of perseverance and passion. Father Dik Sr. laid the foundation by purchasing 'De Oude Vale,' a pigeon that was the start of many long-distance successes. This foundation pigeon is still found in the bloodlines of the brothers' current pigeons, who have since developed their own methods and strategies.

The brothers are known for their careful breeding strategy and disciplined training schedules. They pay great attention to the health of their pigeons and work closely with veterinarians to ensure their pigeons are in top condition for every flight.

Combination ten Cate Triumphs from Perigueux: A Victory Story for the Books

Future Stars
With a colony consisting of 40 breeding pairs, over 100 old flying pigeons, and 100 young pigeons, Combination ten Cate continues to build their future. They keep introducing new bloodlines and combine the best of their own lines with top pigeons from other enthusiasts. This allows them to continuously improve and achieve top performances.

The victory of Combination ten Cate from Perigueux is not only a reward for their hard work and dedication but also an inspiration for other pigeon enthusiasts. Their story shows that with passion, perseverance, and a well-thought-out strategy, great successes can be achieved. We look forward to many more impressive performances from these driven brothers. Congratulations, Dik and Arie, on this splendid victory!

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Jan de Wijs
Blogger & Racing Pigeon Expert

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