A New Talent in Pigeon Racing: Cor van de Ven Wins 1st Prize Against 4571 Pigeons from Chateaudun

A New Talent in Pigeon Racing: Cor van de Ven Wins 1st Prize Against 4571 Pigeons from Chateaudun

Jan de Wijs

In the world of pigeon racing, there are moments that make history. One such moment recently occurred when Cor van de Ven, a newcomer to the sport, won the first prize against 4571 pigeons from Chateaudun. This achievement is all the more remarkable because Cor only started pigeon racing in 2020. His story is one of passion, perseverance, and a bit of luck, inspiring pigeon enthusiasts everywhere.

The Race The race took place on a beautiful morning.
At 06:45, the pigeons were released in Chateaudun, where it was partly cloudy with a strong southwesterly wind and a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. The distance from Chateaudun to Cor's loft in Hoorn is 572 kilometers. Under these conditions, the pigeons achieved impressive speeds.

The first pigeon arrived at 11:32:47, making an incredible speed of 1989 meters per minute. This pigeon, named "De 971," won with a margin of 24 meters per minute faster than the runner-up, leaving the competition far behind.

A New Talent in Pigeon Racing: Cor van de Ven Wins 1st Prize Against 4571 Pigeons from Chateaudun

The Story of Cor van de Ven
Cor van de Ven started pigeon racing in 2020. His interest was sparked when he took in a pigeon and came into contact with Anton de Boer. This led to Cor receiving a number of young pigeons in 2023, including the now-famous NL.23-9235971, better known as "De 971." This pigeon has now earned a place in the annals of pigeon racing by winning the first prize against a massive number of pigeons with a significant lead.

An Unforgettable Moment
Cor had not yet expected the pigeons when he received a call that the pigeons were arriving in Amsterdam. It was Fred Stet, the Pigeon Doctor, who happened to be coming by to check on the pigeons. Cor was outside watching when he saw "De 971" arriving like a rocket. The pigeon circled twice, landed on the roof, and quickly went inside. At that moment, Rinus Kroon called him and said that the pigeons were arriving in Amsterdam at 11:29. When Cor mentioned that his pigeon arrived at 11:32, he was told that he had an exceptionally early pigeon. This gave Cor goosebumps all over - a unique moment for a relative newcomer to the sport.

The Results The final results of Cor’s pigeons were something to be proud of. Out of the 34 pigeons he had brought, 24 won prizes. The results spoke for themselves:
1 - 143 - 238 - 240 - 350 - 353 - 405 - 411 - 475 - 479 - 482 - 487 - 508 - 546 - 647 - 811 - 867 - 869 - 1013 - 1074 - 1375 - 1377 - 1482 - 1500

Passion and Dedication
Cor van de Ven's story is an inspiration for all pigeon enthusiasts. It shows that with passion, dedication, and a bit of help from experienced friends, great achievements are possible even for those who are just starting out. Cor’s triumph with "De 971" is a testament to his commitment and the potential that every enthusiast has to achieve something special in pigeon racing.

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A Promising Future
With this victory, Cor van de Ven has made a name for himself in pigeon racing. His story will undoubtedly circulate within the community, and his future races will be followed with great interest. We congratulate Cor on this tremendous achievement and wish him much success in his future races. Enjoy this grand moment, Cor - it is well deserved!


Until the next blog,

Jan de Wijs
Blogger & Racing Pigeon Expert

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