Fantastic Victory for Team Veugelers: 1st Place at Sens against 6005 Pigeons

Fantastic Victory for Team Veugelers: 1st Place at Sens against 6005 Pigeons

Jan de Wijs

On June 23, 2024, a memorable day in pigeon racing was marked by the spectacular victory of Team Veugelers during the race from Sens. Under a partly cloudy sky, with a moderate southwest wind and a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, the pigeons were released at 7:30 AM.

Among the 6005 participating pigeons from 396 fanciers from Region 4 "Limburg," the 'Mysterious' of Dennis and Chanou Veugelers was the first to reach the loft in Nieuwstad.

A Triumphant Finish
At 11:55:59 AM, the winning pigeon, named "Mysterious" (NL.23-7088853), arrived with a speed of 1373 meters per minute. This impressive result is attributed to the excellent preparation and care by Dennis and Chanou, who not only share their passion for pigeon racing but also form an unbeatable team together. Out of the 13 entered pigeons, 8 won prizes, with the following positions: 1, 136, 375, 551, 731, 811, 845, and 859.

Fantastic Victory for Team Veugelers: 1st Place at Sens against 6005 Pigeons

"Mysterious": The Winning Pigeon
"Mysterious" got his name due to his mysterious look, and he has already proven to be a top pigeon. With previous prizes such as 3rd place in Niergies against 2460 pigeons and 5th place in Rethel against 2118 pigeons, this pigeon is a true champion in the Veugelers loft. Additionally, the pigeon is very tame and easy-going, making him a favorite of Dennis and Chanou.

The Journey to Success
Since 2022, Dennis and Chanou have been flying with 45 young pigeons at their new location, which has only increased their success. This proves that the pigeons of Team Veugelers are of high quality. The Veugelers family has a long history in pigeon racing, dating back to 1935 when grandfather Thei started keeping pigeons. This rich tradition is now continued by Dennis, who has numerous national and international victories to his name.

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A Weekend to Never Forget
Besides the victory in Sens, another special moment occurred this weekend: the return of "Miss Melun," a pigeon that has twice won 1st place in NPO races. After three weeks of uncertainty, she returned on the same day, further increasing the joy for Dennis and Chanou. This makes the weekend of June 23 an unforgettable moment in their career.

Dennis and Chanou, congratulations on this phenomenal achievement. For pigeon fanciers worldwide: keep an eye on Team Veugelers, as their successes will be repeated many times over.

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