The Glorious Victory of Derksen vd Keuken in the National Race from Sourdun

The Glorious Victory of Derksen vd Keuken in the National Race from Sourdun

Jan de Wijs

In a sensational twist of pigeon racing, the fearless brothers Anthony and Edwin Derksen van de Keuken from Almelo achieved a phenomenal victory in the National Race from Sourdun. This breathtaking spectacle took place on June 8, under a clear, cloudless sky, with a light southwesterly breeze and a pleasant 12 degrees Celsius.

A Phenomenal Finish
With a record number of 14,497 participating pigeons, from 785 enthusiastic fanciers from Section 9 “East Netherlands,” the competition was fierce. The pigeons were released at 7:15 AM in Sourdun, and from that moment the race against the clock began. The tension reached its peak when the first pigeon from Derksen vd Keuken arrived like a lightning bolt at 12:30:30. Incredibly, just one second later, the followed, claiming the first and second places.
The Glorious Victory of Derksen vd Keuken in the National Race from Sourdun

These impressive performances were not only fast; they were extraordinarily precise. Pigeon number 1 achieved a speed of 1538.564 meters per minute, while pigeon number 2 was barely matched at 1538.483 meters per minute. That these two pigeons finished so close together, amidst a massive swarm of thousands, testifies to the exceptional quality of the pigeon strain that Anthony and Edwin have built.

Successful Strategy
With a total of 61 pigeons entered in this first national race of 2024, they managed to win 35 prizes. This is a significant achievement: seven of their pigeons finished in the top 100! This not only illustrates their craftsmanship but also the strength and potential of their pigeons.

The Results
Upon reaching the 33% mark, when 33% of the 14,497 pigeons had returned home, Derksen vd Keuken’s results were as follows:
1 - 2 - 14 - 26 - 77 - 84 - 110 - 132 - 242 - 254 - 281 - 379 - 470 - 472 - 590 - 861 - 1068 - 1082 - 1322 - 1434 - 1678 - 1696 - 1806 - 1878 - 1994 - 2171 - 2488 - 2542 - 2678 - 2689 - 2473 - 3978 - 4336 - 4339 - 4349.

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World-Class Pigeons
The breeding loft of Anthony and Edwin is a stronghold of quality and innovation, stemming from generations of pigeons that shine both nationally and at the Olympic level. Their pigeons have represented the Netherlands multiple times at Olympiads, a testament to their unparalleled class and endurance. Through strategic acquisitions of (grand)children of national ace pigeons and Olympic pigeons from well-known top lofts, they have created a bloodline that excels in the most demanding competitions.

An Inspiration for Pigeon Enthusiasts Worldwide
The glorious victory of Derksen vd Keuken in the National Race from Sourdun is not only a win for them but an inspiration for pigeon enthusiasts worldwide. It is a reminder of what is possible with dedication, strategy, and passion for the sport. This achievement will undoubtedly enter the annals of pigeon racing as one of the most remarkable successes of this century.

In a world where competition is intense and challenges are great, Anthony and Edwin have proven that nothing is impossible. Their exceptional pigeons, born from a carefully built strain, have set a new standard for the sport. For all fanciers dreaming of breeding champion pigeons, this is the ultimate example of what can be achieved with hard work, love for the sport, and a touch of magic.

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Jan de Wijs
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