The Glorious Triumph of Combination Deryke-Schieman from Roye

The Glorious Triumph of Combination Deryke-Schieman from Roye

Jan de Wijs

Pigeon enthusiasts and aficionados around the world, hold on tight! The incredible has happened: Combination Deryke-Schieman has once again delivered an unparalleled performance by achieving their second provincial victory of the year during the prestigious pigeon race from Roye. Let's celebrate this impressive victory and delve into the details that make this win so special.

The Start in Roye
On a beautiful yet challenging day in Roye, 7136 pigeons from 322 enthusiastic fanciers from Section 1 Zeeland were released at 1:15 PM. With a moderate northwesterly wind, force 4, and a temperature of 19 degrees Celsius, the conditions were ideal for an exciting race.

The Magical Arrival in Axel
The tension was palpable when the first pigeon from Combination Deryke-Schieman broke through the skies above Axel at 3:53:08 PM. This feathered champion covered the distance of 191 kilometers with an impressive speed of 1210 meters per minute. And as if that wasn't spectacular enough, just four seconds later, two more pigeons from the same loft followed! This resulted in a rare and glorious 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. What a performance against such a mass of pigeons!
The Glorious Triumph of Combination Deryke-Schieman from Roye

A Victory for the History Books
Securing the top three positions in a single race is an almost unimaginable feat and a testament to the exceptional quality and preparation of the pigeons of Deryke-Schieman. Out of the 43 pigeons entered, no fewer than 25 won a prize, further underscoring how formidable this combination is.

The Secret Behind the Success
At Combination Deryke-Schieman, everything revolves around teamwork and passion. Kees Schieman care for the pigeons with love and dedication, while his friend and veterinarian Patrick Derycke takes care of the medical guidance and breeding program. The pigeons, originating from the best lines of Gaby Vandenabeele, Embregt-Theunis, and Gaston van de Wouwer, are a model of perfection and heredity. It is no wonder that the mother of the winning pigeon herself has already claimed three provincial victories.

The Role of Dr. Patrick Derycke
Dr. Patrick Derycke is not just a veterinarian; he is a living legend in the pigeon sport. With an impressive career dating back to his graduation in 1984 from Ghent University, he has made invaluable contributions to the health and success of many pigeons. As president of the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals in Belgium and attending physician of the largest animal shelter in Flanders, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Combination Deryke-Schieman.

Future Glory
With two provincial victories in one year and an impressive number of prizes to their name, it is clear that we will hear much more from Combination Deryke-Schieman. Their dedication, craftsmanship, and passion for the sport make them a force to be reckoned with in the world of pigeon fanciers.

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The victory of Combination Deryke-Schieman in Roye is a milestone in the pigeon sport that will forever be remembered. Their unparalleled performances, supported by the expertise of Dr. Patrick Derycke and the legendary lineage of their pigeons, make them a true example of success and excellence. We heartily congratulate them and look forward to their future triumphs. Here's to many more glorious victories!

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