Final Africa Pro One Loft Race: Pigeons Soar to Victory in South Africa

Final Africa Pro One Loft Race: Pigeons Soar to Victory in South Africa

Jan de Wijs

On October 14, the sky over South Africa was filled with excitement as the final of the Africa Pro One Loft Race took place. This challenging race covered a whopping 601 kilometers, equivalent to 371 miles, and saw 960 pigeons from around the world competing for glory and a share of over US$2 million in prize money.

The stakes were high, and the pigeons did not disappoint.

In a thrilling display of speed, endurance, and determination, these feathered athletes made light work of the demanding course. As we report this on October 15 at 9:30, an impressive 732 pigeons out of the 960 basketed for the final race have returned, a testament to the remarkable skill and training of their handlers.
Here are the outstanding results of the Africa Pro One Loft Race:

1st Len Knoetze Loft, South Africa
Taking the top spot with flying colors, Len Knoetze Loft proved to be a force to be reckoned with.

2nd Feather Loft, Ireland
The pigeons from Feather Loft soared into second place, representing Ireland with pride.

3rd Eijerkamp and Son, The Netherlands
The Netherlands' Eijerkamp and Son clinched the third position, demonstrating their expertise in pigeon racing.

4th Bart Geerinkx & Simon Kohlenbrenner, Belgium
Belgium was well-represented by Bart Geerinkx & Simon Kohlenbrenner, securing the fourth spot.

5th Sterkfontein / Dieplaagte Loft, South Africa
Another strong performance from South Africa, Sterkfontein / Dieplaagte Loft claimed fifth place.

6th Thatha Mali, South Africa
South Africa continued to shine as Thatha Mali earned a well-deserved sixth place.

7th Dudley Lever, United Kingdom
The United Kingdom's Dudley Lever proved their mettle by grabbing the seventh position.

8th Diamond Pigeon Stud, South Africa
South Africa's Diamond Pigeon Stud soared into eighth place, contributing to the country's success.

9th Valya & Rosen Dobrevi, Bulgaria
Bulgaria's Valya & Rosen Dobrevi showed their skills and determination, securing ninth place.

10th TadT, United Kingdom
The United Kingdom's TadT rounded off the top ten in this prestigious race.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants of the Africa Pro One Loft Race. The dedication and passion of pigeon racers from around the world were on full display, and this race will surely be remembered as a thrilling event in the world of pigeon racing. Kudos to the pigeons and their handlers for their remarkable achievements!

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