The Great Victory of G.J. de Hoogh & Son at Bordeaux

The Great Victory of G.J. de Hoogh & Son at Bordeaux

Jan de Wijs

For pigeon racing enthusiasts around the world, it was a day to remember. On a sunny and mild day in July, with light clouds and a weak variable wind, 1896 pigeons were released at 08:00 AM in Bordeaux.

These pigeons, from 230 enthusiasts from division 2 “Brabant 2000,” began their epic journey of no less than 850 kilometers to their home lofts. But it was the pigeon of Gert Jan de Hoogh and his son Adwin that stole the show and claimed victory with an incredible performance.

A Performance of Greatness
At 20:42:01, the first pigeon of G.J. de Hoogh & Son reached the lofts in Oosterhout. With a speed of 1116 meters per minute, this pigeon had completed the phenomenal journey of 850 kilometers in just one day. It is an impressive achievement that not only left the competition behind but also demonstrated what is possible with dedication, training, and the right conditions.

The Great Victory of G.J. de Hoogh & Son at Bordeaux

From Program to Marathon
The combination of Gert Jan and Adwin de Hoogh is relatively new in the marathon world, but their performances have already been astounding. A few years ago, they decided to switch from program flights to marathon flights. A decision that, given their recent successes, proved to be the right one. In the last two years, they have consistently delivered top performances, with five out of seven flights finishing in the top ten nationally, including 3 times a first-place NPO. 1st NPO St. Vincent (1st Nationaal Sector 1) 1st NPO Bergerac and now 1st NPO Bordeaux…

A Family Story
The story of Gert Jan de Hoogh begins at a young age. As a 13-year-old boy, he received his first pigeons from his uncles, who were already successful in pigeon racing. This early introduction to the world of racing pigeons laid the foundation for what would later become a successful career. He passed on his passion and knowledge to his son Adwin, and together they now form a formidable team in pigeon racing.

The Road to Success
The road to this great victory was not without hurdles. For instance, they finished 21st with their first pigeon on Pau, a position that could have been even better if the pigeon had not lost more than ten minutes. Such challenges are part of the sport and make the victories all the sweeter. The consistency and determination of G.J. de Hoogh & Son remain admirable.

G.J. de Hoogh and Son, Racing Pigeons For Sale

An Inspiration for Many Enthusiasts
The victory at Bordeaux is not only a highlight for Gert Jan and Adwin but also a source of inspiration for many other enthusiasts around the world. It shows that with the right combination of passion, patience, and craftsmanship, the greatest achievements are within reach. The success story of G.J. de Hoogh & Son will undoubtedly continue to resonate in the pigeon racing community for a long time.

Future Ambitions
With this victory in hand, Gert Jan and Adwin set their sights on the future. The ambition to achieve even more victories is clearly present. They continue to work hard, train their pigeons, and refine their strategies. For the enthusiasts who follow them, it promises to be an exciting time, full of new successes and inspiring moments.

The greatness of the victory of G.J. de Hoogh & Son at Bordeaux will undoubtedly go down in history. Their story is a testament to the power of teamwork, family bonds, and an unwavering love for pigeon racing. For Gert Jan and Adwin, this is just the beginning, and the world watches with anticipation for their next great achievement.

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Jan de Wijs
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