Hans Munstege: The Big Winner with a Small Loft from Entroeungt

Hans Munstege: The Big Winner with a Small Loft from Entroeungt

Jan de Wijs

Attention pigeon enthusiasts! Today we have a story that will make your heart race and give you hope that great achievements are possible, no matter the scale of your hobby. Hans Munstege, a passionate pigeon fancier from Deventer, has achieved an incredible feat with his small loft in the recent race from Entroeungt. This is a story about passion, perseverance, and the undeniable bond between a man and his pigeons.

A Gigantic Achievement in Section 8 “Gelders Overijsselse Unie”
With no less than 9750 participating pigeons from 720 fanciers, the competition in Section 8 “Gelders Overijsselse Unie” is nothing short of intense. This is one of the strongest sections in the Netherlands, where you compete against top names like Combination Huisman, Alwin Petrie, Henk Scheffel, K. Post and Son, and Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp. In this context, it seems almost impossible for a smaller fancier to reach the top, but Hans Munstege has proven otherwise.

The Winning Pigeon
Under the fierce southwest wind and at a temperature of 12 degrees, the pigeons were released at 9:30 for their 289-kilometer journey to Deventer. It was Hans' NL.23-9064519 that stole the show. This lightning-fast pigeon, which was received as an egg from club mate Bert van Londen, has bloodlines from some of G. Schuiling's best pigeons, including "Turbo," "Messi," and "Zuster Eline."

Hans Munstege: The Big Winner with a Small Loft from Entroeungt

With an incredible speed of 2130 meters per minute (127.8 km per hour!) and a lead of no less than 20 meters per minute over the competition, this pigeon was the first to reach its loft. It is an achievement that makes not only Hans but the entire pigeon racing community proud.

Hans' Loft
Hans Munstege is living proof that you can achieve great things with a small loft. His modest loft of 6.20 meters, divided into three sections (one for the widowers, a hallway for the hens, and a section for the youngsters), houses only 13 widowers. Yet he manages to compete against fanciers with much larger numbers of pigeons and extensive facilities.

Deventer: City of Winners
Located on the river IJssel, Deventer is a city with a rich history. In the Middle Ages, Deventer was part of the Hanseatic League, an important North German trade network. This historic city now has another accolade to be proud of: the home of one of the most remarkable pigeon-fanciers in the Netherlands.

Inspiration for All
Hans Munstege shows us that the size of your loft is not decisive for your success. It's about the love for the sport, the care and attention you give to your pigeons, and the determination to keep striving for improvement. His victory is an inspiration to all pigeon-fanciers, big and small.

Contact Hans Munstege
Well-Deserved Congratulations
Hans, congratulations on this amazing achievement! You are an example to many and show that passion and dedication always pay off. We at PigeonBoss.com wish you much success in the upcoming races. We are convinced that we have not seen your last masterpiece yet.

Pigeon fanciers, let this story be a motivation for you. Great achievements often start small, and with the right commitment and love for the sport, nothing is impossible!

Until the next blog,

Jan de Wijs
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