Harry Vanwersch's Spectacular Victory at the National Pigeon Race from Lorris

Harry Vanwersch's Spectacular Victory at the National Pigeon Race from Lorris

Jan de Wijs

The sun rose over Lorris, France, on a crisp morning with a moderate northern wind, setting the stage for an exhilarating event that would be remembered by pigeon enthusiasts across the Netherlands. At 7:45 AM, 11,479 pigeons took to the sky, representing the hopes and dreams of 590 dedicated fanciers from Afdeling 4 "Limburg." 

Among them, Harry Vanwersch's pigeons embarked on a journey that would span 408 kilometers, flying from Lorris to Harry’s lofts in Wittem, a picturesque hamlet in the Dutch municipality of Gulpen-Wittem. Little did anyone know, this race would culminate in a stunning triumph for Harry and his exceptional pigeons.

The Winning Moment
At exactly 12:20:24, the NL.21-1423601 pigeon, Harry's second nominated bird, landed gracefully back at the loft. Its incredible speed of 1481 meters per minute not only secured the first place but also outpaced the second-place pigeon by an astonishing 18 meters per minute. This remarkable performance highlights Harry's profound expertise and instinct in pigeon racing, as choosing a nominated bird to win is no small feat. The victory is not just about the bird but also about the fancier's skill and deep connection with their pigeons.

Harry Vanwersch's Spectacular Victory at the National Pigeon Race from Lorris

A Winning Formula
Harry Vanwersch’s success at the National Pigeon Race is not just a stroke of luck; it’s a testament to his meticulous care and exceptional breeding program. Out of the 44 pigeons he entered in the race, 36 of them returned with prizes, a clear indication of the superior quality of his pigeon colony. Harry’s pigeons are more than just racers; they are a result of years of dedicated breeding, training, and nurturing, aimed at enhancing their natural abilities.

The final results for Harry in this prestigious race are as follows:
1 - 78 - 145 - 293 - 482 - 490 - 742 - 942 - 101 - 1046 - 1201 - 1451 - 1551 - 1560 - 1563 - 1564 - 1706 - 1801 - 1807 - 2204 - 2214 - 1193 - 2300 - 2304 - 2325 - 2371 - 2479 - 2492 - 2533 - 2632 - 2638 - 2713 - 2939 - 3021 - 3375 - 3392. 

This impressive spread of positions underscores the consistency and stamina of his birds, proving that Harry’s loft is one to be reckoned with.

Discover Hoeve Hommerich
For those curious about the world of pigeon racing or looking to delve deeper into this fascinating hobby, a visit to Harry Vanwersch's Hoeve Hommerich is a must. Nestled in the tranquil countryside of Partij-Wittem, Hoeve Hommerich offers a unique blend of natural beauty and the vibrant life of a racing pigeon loft. Guests can enjoy a peaceful retreat while experiencing firsthand the dedication and passion that drive Harry’s success.

Welcome to Hoeve Hommerich, a unique place nestled among the hills of Limburg...
At Hoeve Hommerich, visitors can immerse themselves in the serene surroundings and gain insights into the daily routines and care that go into maintaining a top-tier pigeon racing loft. Whether you are a seasoned pigeon fancier or someone considering starting your own loft, Harry’s expertise and hospitality provide a rich resource of knowledge and inspiration.


The Enthusiasm of Pigeon Racing
Harry Vanwersch’s victory serves as a beacon of inspiration for both veteran fanciers and newcomers alike. The thrill of seeing your pigeon cross the finish line, the meticulous preparation, and the bond formed with these incredible birds are what make pigeon racing a unique and fulfilling pursuit. The sport combines patience, strategy, and a deep love for the birds, creating a community that shares in the joy of each success.

For those contemplating entering the world of pigeon racing, Harry's story is a powerful reminder of what dedication and passion can achieve. His triumph at the National Pigeon Race from Lorris is not just a personal victory but a celebration of the rich tradition of pigeon racing in Limburg and beyond.

In conclusion, Harry Vanwersch’s phenomenal achievement is a shining example of what is possible with dedication, expertise, and a deep connection to one’s pigeons. His success story is a testament to the vibrant and competitive spirit of pigeon racing, and an invitation to all to explore the beauty and excitement of this remarkable sport.

Until the next blog,

Jan de Wijs
Blogger & Racing Pigeon Expert

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