Team de Weerd: Glorious Winner of the National Flight from Fontenay!

Team de Weerd: Glorious Winner of the National Flight from Fontenay!

Jan de Wijs

It was a weekend filled with triumph and glory for Team de Weerd from the picturesque city of Breda! With a stunning performance on the national flight from Fontenay, they once again made their mark on the world of pigeon racing. Securing an exhilarating 1st place against a staggering 8230 pigeons, they have proven themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the pigeon racing community.

This achievement is all the more impressive when considering the level of competition. No less than 483 fanciers participated in this titanic battle in Section 2 Brabant 2000, a region known for its high level of competition and strong reputation in Dutch pigeon racing.

On June 8th, under a clear blue sky and a light to moderate north wind, the pigeons were released at 07:00 in the morning. The conditions were truly perfect - an ideal setting for the top pigeons to spread their wings and showcase their distinctive skills. And Team de Weerd undoubtedly had the top pigeons for this challenge.

With a distance of a whopping 422 kilometers to their lofts in Breda, it was a true test of endurance and perseverance for these feathered athletes. But they were up for the challenge.

At 12:20:06, just a few hours after the start, the first pigeon, NL.22-8513424, pierced through the sky and landed at an impressive speed of 1454 meters per minute at home. It was a breathtaking moment, filled with excitement and joy for Team de Weerd.

But the success didn't stop there. In total, 56 out of the 127 pigeons set by Team de Weerd claimed a prize, a testament to the consistency and quality of their selection.

The final result reflects their undisputed dominance on this day of glory: 1 - 14 - 71 - 94 - 132 - 134 - 136 - 158 - 182 - 213 - 214 - 219 - 284 - 326 - 341 - 355 - 417 - 466 - 480 - 493 - 548 - 553 - 647 - 735 - 815 - 818 - 888 - 896 - 903 - 966 - 1125 - 1176 - 1251 - 1324 - 1326 - 1384 - 1462 - 1506 - 1568 - 1571 - 1730 - 1767 - 1770 - 1772 - 1834 - 1841 - 2006 - 2023 - 2084 - 2201 - 2309 - 2437 - 2521 - 2523 - 2673 - 2741.

But behind every glorious moment lies a story of dedication, passion, and expertise. And that's where Team de Weerd shines. It's a project spearheaded by Henk de Weerd, a name synonymous with excellence in pigeon racing. As the son of the legendary Piet de Weerd, Henk is deeply rooted in the tradition and craftsmanship of this age-old sport.

An extraordinary detail adds even more sparkle to this victory: it occurred on the birthday of Eric Berckmoes the loft manager of, the widely acclaimed and globally recognized Dutch veterinarian Henk de Weerd. It's as if the universe itself collaborated to mark this day as a celebration of triumph and glory for Team de Weerd.

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In pigeon racing, it's all about passion, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence. And with their recent performance, Team de Weerd from Breda has proven that they are the embodiment of these essential values. Their name will echo for years to come in the annals of pigeon racing, as a testament to what is possible when determination and expertise come together in perfect harmony.


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Jan de Wijs
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