Combination Huisman from IJsselmuiden: The Undisputed Winners of the First National Race 2024 from Sourdun

Combination Huisman from IJsselmuiden: The Undisputed Winners of the First National Race 2024 from Sourdun

Jan de Wijs

It is 2024, and the first national race from Sourdun has taken the pigeon racing world by storm. Under light cloud cover, with a moderate north wind and a temperature of 13 degrees Celsius, a total of 12,794 pigeons from 756 highly dedicated pigeon enthusiasts from section 8 "Gelders Overijsselse Unie" were released early in the morning at 07:35.

The tension was palpable, but no one could predict the legendary performance that would unfold. The overwhelming winners of this prestigious race are none other than Combination Huisman from IJsselmuiden. Their success story is one of dedication, passion, and an extraordinary bond with their pigeons

A Victory for the History Books
Covering a distance of 484 kilometers and 869 meters from Sourdun to their lofts in IJsselmuiden, the first pigeon from Combination Huisman, the NL.23 - 9604232, a yearling hen, made history by clocking in at precisely 12:52:35. Her speed of 1524 meters per minute was breathtaking and earned her the well-deserved first place in a competition of epic proportions.

Combination Huisman from IJsselmuiden: The Undisputed Winners of the First National Race 2024 from Sourdun

An Impressive Achievement
Of the 36 pigeons entered by Combination Huisman, a remarkable 24 pigeons won prizes. This is an incredible achievement, especially considering the competitive field of 12,794 pigeons. The final results speak volumes:

1 - 9 - 26 - 44 - 124 - 129 - 237 - 274 - 326 - 432 - 541 - 670 - 671 - 683 - 754 - 755 - 834 - 1038 - 1222 - 1544 - 2278 - 3167 - 3389 - 4086

The Secret to Success
The secrets of Combination Huisman’s success lie in their dedication and craftsmanship. Father and son Huisman have built a reputation over the years that many consider "out of this world." With multiple major victories and impressive series of performances, they are proud owners and breeders of top pigeons such as "THOR," "OLYMPIC WILLY," "OLYMPIC LIAM," “OLYMPIC JULIA,” and "OLYMPIC LUNA." These pigeons are not just champions; they represent the pinnacle of what is possible in pigeon racing.

The Future of Pigeon Racing
For many, it remains a dream to ever own such pigeons, but in IJsselmuiden, that dream has become a reality. Combination Huisman continues to be a source of inspiration for pigeon enthusiasts around the world. Their successes prove that with the right combination of genetics, training, and passion, the limits of what is possible in pigeon racing can continually be pushed further.

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A Glorious Future Ahead
As the dust of this victory slowly settles, father and son Huisman already have their sights set on the future. Expectations are high, and the pigeon racing world eagerly awaits their next move. Will they be able to match or even surpass their achievements? One thing is certain: Combination Huisman is a name that will be etched in the annals of pigeon racing for many years to come.

Let us celebrate what they have achieved together and look forward to what is yet to come. The passion and dedication of Combination Huisman inspire us all to strive for the best, both in pigeon racing and beyond.

Congratulations, Combination Huisman! Here’s to many more overwhelming successes!

Utill the next blog,

Jan de Wijs
Blogger & Racing Pigeon Expert

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