Triumphant Victory: Jan Hoogland 1st & 2nd Luykxgestel against 7304 pigeons

Triumphant Victory: Jan Hoogland 1st & 2nd Luykxgestel against 7304 pigeons

Jan de Wijs

In the world of pigeon racing, there are achievements that go down in history, and this weekend we witnessed such a moment. Jan Hoogland from Midlum, a dedicated enthusiast and passionate pigeon fancier, delivered an exceptional performance with his pigeons during the race from Luykxgestel. Let’s take a deeper dive into this impressive victory and the story of Jan Hoogland.

The Race and Conditions
On a beautiful Saturday morning at 7:15 AM, a total of 7304 pigeons were released in Luykxgestel. It was lightly cloudy with a weak variable wind and a pleasant temperature of 22 degrees. Perfect conditions for an exciting race. The pigeons covered a distance of 211 kilometers to Jan's lofts in Midlum, a challenge that only the strongest and fastest pigeons could overcome.

Out of the 17 pigeons that Jan had entered, no less than 16 won prizes. This is a performance rarely seen in the pigeon racing sport. Jan not only secured the first prize but also the second prize and had one more pigeon in the top ten and six in the top hundred. It was clear that Jan was the undisputed standout of the weekend.

The full results of Jan's pigeons were as follows: 1 - 2 - 9 - 14 - 50 - 97 - 149 - 190 - 300 - 428 - 488 - 646 - 670 - 784 - 1848 - 2132. Only one of his pigeons failed to win a prize, which again underscores the exceptional quality of his team.
Triumphant Victory: Jan Hoogland 1st & 2nd Luykxgestel against 7304 pigeons
Jan's Love for Pigeons
Jan Hoogland has been a member of P.V. Ons Genoegen in Harlingen since 1986, a club that celebrated its 75th anniversary last year. However, Jan’s passion for pigeons began earlier, around 1982, when a pigeon fancier, Age Zijlstra, moved two houses down. Jan befriended Zijlstra's son and was soon caught by the 'pigeon virus.'

The Loft Setup and Pigeon Lines
Jan flies with 10 pairs of total widowhood, breeds about 40 youngsters per year, and has 15 breeding pairs, including 5 foster pairs. His lofts are mainly populated with pigeons from the famous Koopman line. In recent years, he acquired these through the Tjitte & Lesley Combination from Tytsjerk, who obtained them directly. Earlier, in 2009, Jan approached Jan Bolleboom for pigeons from Marijke Vink, also of the Koopman line. These were supplemented with his own old strain and some excellent Stefaan Lambrecht pigeons. Additionally, Jan was able to borrow pigeons from Nick Aalderink, including the father of 301, which won first prize in the department this weekend.

Future Plans and Inspiration
With such an impressive track record, it is clear that Jan Hoogland is a name to watch. His dedication, knowledge, and passion for the sport not only inspire his fellow enthusiasts but also new generations of pigeon fanciers. Jan's success story is proof of what can be achieved with patience, care, and a love for the pigeon sport.
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Jan Hoogland's victory during the race from Luykxgestel is a milestone in pigeon racing. With 16 prizes out of 17 pigeons and securing the top two places, Jan achieved a feat that will be remembered for a long time. His years of dedication and passion for pigeons have paid off, making him a true champion. We look forward to his future accomplishments and wish him much success with his wonderful pigeons!

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