The Phenomenon “Harry”: The Best One-Day Long Distance Pigeon Ever from All of the Netherlands!

The Phenomenon “Harry”: The Best One-Day Long Distance Pigeon Ever from All of the Netherlands!

Jan de Wijs

Discover "Harry": The Best One-Day Long Distance Pigeon of the Netherlands and a World Phenomenon!

In 2009, the sensational "Harry," a two-year-old male pigeon, was entered four times in the one-day-long distance races ranging between 500 and 700 km by Jan Hooymans from Kerkdriel. In his very first challenge from Chateaudun, Harry immediately secured an astounding 3rd place against 21,520 competitors. This sensational result made it clear that "Harry" was a pigeon with special capabilities and a promising future. That he would become the most coveted pigeon in the world was something no one could have imagined at that time.

His next one-day long-distance race from Blois was even more impressive. "Harry" dominated the field and won 1st place against a colossal convoy of 37,728 pigeons. It was currently that Jan Hooymans realized he had a true superstar pigeon in his collection, whose performances could no longer be attributed to mere chance.

In his third one-day long-distance race from Salbris, "Harry" finished 90th against 7,573 pigeons. It was indeed a tense day, as "Harry" arrived as the 12th pigeon in Kerkdriel. With a 2nd, 3rd, and 11th NPO placement in this race, the result was fantastic. But how confused Jan must have been, as you expect such a pigeon to be the first!

Jan Hooymans decided to move "Harry" to the breeding loft, afraid of losing such a rare gem. But his caretaker Piet, who was equally driven, wanted to give "Harry" another chance to shine in the one-day-long distance race from Chateauroux. And "Harry" did not disappoint. He won yet again, this time against 22,340 pigeons, proving he rightfully holds the title of the best one-day long-distance pigeon of the Netherlands. Articles About Racing Pigeons Winners Every Day
Harry's lineage is equally impressive.
His father is "Jonge Bliksem" from the grand master Gaby Vandenabeele, and his mother is "Dirkje" from the legendary Gerard Koopman. A combination of top-quality genes that have made him a world star. 

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