Join the Ultimate Pigeon Racing Event: Master Breeders Marathon!

Join the Ultimate Pigeon Racing Event: Master Breeders Marathon!

Jan de Wijs

Hey there, pigeon racing fanatics! The time has come to take your passion for pigeon racing to new heights with the Master Breeders Marathon (MBM). This premier One Loft Race (OLR), nestled in the breathtaking Flint Hills of Kansas, promises excitement, community, and the chance to win up to $100,000! Here’s why MBM is the race you and your pigeons cannot miss. 
Why Choose Master Breeders Marathon? 

Top-Tier Facilities 
Imagine your pigeons competing in a state-of-the-art environment designed for their safety and performance. Our loft is elevated 8 feet above the ground, complete with an observation deck for an optimal view of the race. The health and well-being of your pigeons are paramount, with support from Spur Ridge Vet Hospital ensuring the highest standards of care.  
Unique Perks 

Lost Bird Policy:  
If your bird is lost before the first race and a replacement can't be shipped before June 1st, you’ll receive a free perch fee credit for the next year. This breeder-friendly policy sets us apart, providing peace of mind and reducing financial risk. 
Lucrative Prizes 
Compete for a share of the $100,000 prize pool. Whether you’re entering the Young Bird Series or the Yearling Old Bird Series, the stakes are high, and the rewards are significant. 
Race Details and Schedules 
Young Bird Series 
- Perch Fee: $145 per bird or $750 for six birds. 
- 4-Race Series Activation Fee: $345 per bird. 
- Accepting Birds: February 15, 2024 
- Cut-off for Receiving Birds: June 1, 2024 
- Training Begins: August 1, 2024 
- Races: From September 21 to November 2, 2024 
Yearling Old Bird Series 

- Perch Fee: $175 per bird or $900 for six birds. 
- 7-Race Series Activation Fee: $345 per bird. 
- Accepting Birds: June 2, 2024 
- Cut-off for Receiving Birds: November 15, 2024 
- Training Begins: March 1, 2025 
- Races: From April 19 to June 21, 2025 
Meet the Visionaries: Wayne and Amy Tajchman 
The heart and soul behind MBM are Wayne and Amy Tajchman, dedicated to creating a world-class pigeon racing experience. Wayne’s passion for pigeons began with the movie "Where Pigeons Go to Die," leading him to race with the Wichita Homing Pigeon Club under the mentorship of pigeon racing legends. Together with Amy, Wayne has built MBM on their 80-acre family farm, ensuring every detail caters to the needs of the pigeons and their breeders. 
Community and Growth 
Wayne and Amy are committed to expanding the sport of pigeon racing, making it accessible to young people and communities worldwide. Their transparent and community-focused approach invites everyone to participate and enjoy the races. By joining MBM, you’re not only competing but also contributing to the growth and future of pigeon racing.  
Local Attractions 
While visiting Marion, Kansas, enjoy the local delights such as: 

- That One Place Food Truck: A favorite for quick and delicious bites. 
- Gambino’s Pizza: Perfect for a hearty meal. 
- Country Dreams Bed & Breakfast: For a cozy and comfortable stay. 

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Jan de Wijs 
Blogger & Racing Pigeon Expert 

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