Klaas Talen: The Overwhelming Winner of the Flight from Gray

Klaas Talen: The Overwhelming Winner of the Flight from Gray

Jan de Wijs

For pigeon enthusiasts, victories in competitions like this are the pinnacle of pride and joy. This time, Klaas Talen, a passionate and experienced pigeon fancier from Meppel, emerged as the glorious winner of the flight from Gray. His victory was not only a triumph for himself but also an inspiration for the entire pigeon racing community.

The Race from Gray
The flight from Gray, France, was an exciting and challenging competition with no fewer than 3869 pigeons participating. These pigeons belonged to 345 passionate fanciers from district 10 "Northeast Netherlands." At 7:15 AM, the pigeons were released in Gray, where weather conditions were ideal: a moderate variable wind and a temperature of 22 degrees. Perfect weather for a magnificent race.
Klaas' first pigeon, a hen with ring number NL.22-4786982, arrived at 3:03:59 PM in Meppel, with an impressive speed of 1250 meters per minute. This pigeon covered a distance of 586 kilometers, making her performance all the more remarkable.

A Remarkable Achievement
What makes this victory extra special is the fact that Klaas' favorite pigeon led the way. This hen, listed as the first marked pigeon, once again proved her superiority by arriving first. The ultimate proof that Klaas has a keen eye for his pigeons.

Klaas Talen: The Overwhelming Winner of the Flight from Gray

Of the 20 pigeons Klaas entered into the race, 13 won a prize. The results were impressive: 1, 5, 26, 34, 35, 77, 317, and so on. This achievement follows an earlier victory the previous week from Chalons en Champagne, where he became the first grandmaster in district 10.

The Team Behind the Successful Flight
What makes this victory even more remarkable is that Klaas was on vacation during the preparations for the flight. The care for his pigeons was taken over by Harm de Wal, with support from Arie Aarsen. Thanks to their dedicated care, the pigeons returned in top condition.

The winner of the flight, who was also the first from Chalons, comes from an excellent bloodline. Her father is a cock bred from a pigeon by Peter van der Haar, while her mother comes from Jan Hokse. This illustrates the quality and diversity of Klaas' breeding loft, which is built with pigeons from various prominent fanciers like the Leideman brothers, Henri van den Berg, and many others.

A Life Full of Passion for Pigeons
Klaas has been in the pigeon sport since 1970, initially together with his father J. Talen & Son later in combination under the name Comb. Talen-Vegter. After moving in 2003, he continued his passion under his own name. His long career and extensive knowledge of the sport have brought him many successes. Moreover, he can always rely on the support of Harm de Wal, who plays an indispensable role in the care of his pigeons during holidays and absences.

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Klaas Talen's victory in the flight from Gray is a testament to his dedication, expertise, and love for the pigeon sport. His story inspires and motivates other pigeon fanciers to bring out the best in their own pigeons. With thorough care, a keen eye for talent, and the support of good friends, Klaas has shown what is possible in this wonderful sport. We look forward to many more future victories from this exceptional pigeon fancier.

Congratulations, Klaas Talen, and here's to many more successes!

Until the next blog,

Jan de Wijs
Blogger & Racing Pigeon Expert

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