The Glorious Victory of Combination Kuc – Sanders in the Pigeon Race from Duffel

The Glorious Victory of Combination Kuc – Sanders in the Pigeon Race from Duffel

Jan de Wijs

Pigeon racing enthusiasts and admirers around the world, hold on tight! We have a phenomenal achievement to share with you. It's the glorious victory of Combinatie Kuc – Sanders, consisting of the fantastic pigeon coaches Dawid Kuc and Carlo Sanders. From the picturesque Kleve-Warthausen, they have achieved the impossible in the pigeon race from Duffel. 

An Epic Race 
On this memorable day, no less than 17,951 pigeons participated, coming from 848 enthusiasts from Region 9 East Netherlands. The pigeons were released in Duffel, 139 kilometers away from the lofts in Kleve-Warthausen. With a moderate north wind and a temperature of 13 degrees Celsius, the starting signal was given at 11:15 AM. 

Making the Impossible Possible 
What Dawid and Carlo have achieved is nothing short of a miracle. Against an overwhelming mass of 17,951 pigeons, they not only secured the first prize but also the second prize. And as if that wasn't impressive enough, they also clinched the top position with their first signed pigeon! 

The supreme moment occurred at 12:56:10, when NL.21-1685692, better known as "Klaus," hit the trap and was clocked with an astonishing speed of 1375 meters per minute. Klaus is no stranger; he won 13 prizes last year and was the 3rd champion pigeon in CLV s'Herenberg. A true champion indeed! 

The Glorious Victory of Combination Kuc – Sanders in the Pigeon Race from Duffel

A Historic Achievement 
The second pigeon from Combinatie Kuc – Sanders arrived just 8 seconds later, leaving 17,949 pigeons behind them. What a phenomenal achievement! Of the 30 pigeons entered, 13 eventually won a prize, underscoring the talent and expertise of this combination once again. 

A Story of Passion and Dedication 
Combinatie Kuc – Sanders was formed only two years ago, after Dawid Kuc and his father took their first steps into pigeon racing 30 years ago in Poland. Carlo Sanders, a name that needs no further introduction in the pigeon racing world, has formed a team with Dawid that is second to none. The pigeons with which they perform come from Combinatie Hendriks – Sanders, which immediately explains much about their success. 

Inspiration for the World 
This victory of Combinatie Kuc – Sanders is an inspiration for pigeon enthusiasts around the world. It shows that with passion, dedication, and the right team, the most impossible dreams can come true. Let's celebrate this extraordinary achievement together and look forward to many more glorious moments from this exceptional combination. 

Jan de Wijs Pigeon Boss and Racing Pigeon Expert
Pigeon racing enthusiasts, remember these names: Dawid Kuc and Carlo Sanders. They are the future of the sport and have shown us that the sky is literally the limit. Their victory in the pigeon race from Duffel will remain etched in our memory for a long time. Here's to many more glorious victories! 

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Jan de Wijs   

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