Surprisingly Many Nominated Pigeons in the Lead on the Weekend of June 1 & 2

Surprisingly Many Nominated Pigeons in the Lead on the Weekend of June 1 & 2

Jan de Wijs

It was another phenomenal weekend for pigeon racing, filled with excitement, strategy, and above all, surprising results! As I, Jan de Wijs, also known as the Pigeon Boss, reviewed this week’s results, something remarkable stood out.

No fewer than 5 out of the 11 sections saw their marked pigeons come home first. This is an achievement that demonstrates the skill and observational prowess that our beloved sport entails! 

As a true pigeon enthusiast, I am always fascinated by the results. I read them a little differently than most people, and this week was no exception. Seeing so many marked pigeons in the lead is a real treat for the eyes. It not only shows the quality of the pigeons but especially the sharpness of their handlers. These enthusiasts have closely observed their pigeons throughout the week and made the right choices for the weekend. This absolutely deserves extra attention and praise! 

The Top Performers of This Weekend 
For this reason, I would like to highlight the following top performers because they have proven that they not only train their pigeons well but also make the right strategic choices. 

Fanciers Who Had the 1st Marked Pigeon Come in First 

In Section 2: 
L. Lauwerijssen with the NL.23-9369785 against no less than 12,180 pigeons from Roye. What a wonderful achievement! 

In Section 4: 
R. Simons with the NL.22-8609251 against 2,240 pigeons from Niergnies. Truly fantastic work! 

In Section 9: 
Kuc – Sanders with the NL.21-1685692 against an impressive 17,951 pigeons from Duffel. What a great result! 

Fanciers Who Had the 2nd Marked Pigeon Come in First: 

In Section 5: 
D. Lodder with the NL.22-2249813 against 25,917 pigeons from Arras. What a performance in such a large field! 

In Section 11: 
R. Huizenga with the NL.22-8112363 against 14,834 pigeons from Duffel. A result to be proud of! 

Why This Is So Special 
For those not in the know: designating marked pigeons is an art in itself. These pigeons are designated before the flight as favorites to come home first. The fact that these pigeons actually do come home first proves the insight and intuition of the handlers. It’s not just luck; it’s the result of detailed observation and careful planning. 

These achievements show that pigeon racing is more than just a hobby. It is a combination of science, observation, and a deep bond with the animals. It is this combination that makes the sport so fascinating and why it is so important to celebrate such achievements. 

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Interested in Pigeon Racing? 
Are you not yet part of this exciting world? Then this is the moment to join! Pigeon racing offers a unique mix of strategy, animal love, and competition. The feeling of victory when your pigeon comes home first is indescribable. So why wait? Join a local pigeon club, learn from experienced enthusiasts, and discover the magic of pigeon racing for yourself. 

Let’s celebrate this week’s achievements together and take pigeon racing to new heights. Until next week, and may the best pigeon win! 

With sporting regards, 

Jan de Wijs   

Blogger & Racing Pigeon Expert 

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