My Perspective on One-Loft Races: A Plea for Carefulness and Transparency

My Perspective on One-Loft Races: A Plea for Carefulness and Transparency

Jan de Wijs

In the fascinating world of pigeon racing, one-loft races hold a unique place. They offer a singular opportunity to pit pigeons from different owners against each other in a fair and standardized manner. However, while the concept is attractive, there are aspects that require serious consideration, especially given that not all one-loft races are equally fair and responsible.

The Risks of Water Crossings
I want to emphasize that I am strongly against one-loft races that cross large bodies of water. In my 40 years of experience, I have seen that such races bring unnecessary stress and health risks to the pigeons. Crossing large expanses of water can lead to navigational difficulties, extreme fatigue, and even the loss of pigeons. Too many pigeons are lost unnecessarily!

The Importance of Transparency
Another point I'd like to raise is the crucial importance of transparency in the management of one-loft races. This concerns not only the fairness of the competition but also the well-being of the pigeons. As a participant, you have the right to know how the pigeons are cared for, trained, and under what conditions they race. Transparency is non-negotiable; it is an absolute requirement.

Vigilance Against Gold Diggers
Let's be honest: as in any sport with financial stakes, pigeon racing also attracts gold diggers. These types of organizers are more interested in financial gain than in the well-being of the pigeons or the integrity of the sport. Therefore, it is essential to be extremely careful when choosing the races you participate in.

Opt for F.C.I. Approved Races
In addition to the above considerations, I would like to stress that participating in races approved by the Fédération Colombophile Internationale (F.C.I.) can be a wise decision. This approval guarantees a certain level of professionalism and ethical standards and indicates that the race organization meets an internationally recognized framework for the care and well-being of the pigeons.

An F.C.I. approval often can be seen as a hallmark of quality and reliability. It is an added assurance that can help distinguish the 'gold diggers' from legitimate and ethically responsible organizers.

As an expert with 40 years of experience, I advise taking this approval seriously when selecting a one-loft race. By paying attention to these factors and opting for F.C.I. approved races, we can together contribute to a pigeon racing sport that is both competitive and ethically responsible.

You can find extensive information about various races here: One Loft Racing

Most results can be found here: One Loft Race Live

Each race has its own unique features, challenges, and locations, making them interesting for different types of pigeon racing enthusiasts. Whether you are a veteran in the sport or a beginner, participating in a one-loft race is an excellent way to test your breeding skills and the capabilities of your pigeons.

Closing Thoughts
In my four decades as a #RacingPigeonExpert, I have come to know the many facets of this beautiful sport. And as someone deeply embedded in the matter, I urge everyone to be doubly careful when choosing one-loft races. Your pigeons are not just pets; they are athletes who deserve the best care and the most fair opportunities.
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So before you sign up for the next big race, take a moment to do thorough research and make sure you are comfortable with its ethical and practical aspects. Because in a sport where the smallest details can make the difference, caution is not an option, it's an obligation.

Until the next blog!

Jan de Wijs

Blogger, Racing Pigeon Expert and Influencer...

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