The Unique Achievement of Piet de Vogel in the First Overnight Race of the 2024 Season from Bordeaux

The Unique Achievement of Piet de Vogel in the First Overnight Race of the 2024 Season from Bordeaux

Jan de Wijs

In the world of pigeon racing, there are moments that become legendary. Such a moment occurred during the first overnight race of the 2024 season, where Piet de Vogel achieved an unparalleled feat. His extraordinary craftsmanship and the quality of his pigeons were brilliantly demonstrated when he clocked all five entered pigeons in the prizes, a rare and admirable result.

On Friday, June 7, at precisely 12:00 PM, the pigeons were released in Bordeaux. With a moderate north wind and a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, it was a challenging start. However, after Paris, the pigeons received a welcome tailwind from the southwest, which somewhat eased their flight. The distance from Bordeaux to Piet's lofts in Oude-Tonge is a staggering 834 kilometers, an impressive distance that tests the endurance and orientation of the pigeons.

The race included 2971 pigeons from 366 fanciers from NPO Sector 2 Netherlands. Winning a prize in such a competitive field is an achievement in itself. But what Piet de Vogel accomplished went much further. He clocked his first pigeon at 07:19:57 and his last one at 09:54:56. With all five entered pigeons in the prizes, namely prizes 62, 221, 433, 651, and 835, he proved not only the exceptional quality of his pigeons but also his mastery as a pigeon fancier.

The Unique Achievement of Piet de Vogel in the First Overnight Race of the 2024 Season from Bordeaux

Achieving a 100% prize percentage is extremely rare, especially in races of this scale. The fact that Piet achieved this attests to an exceptional level of preparation, training, and care for his pigeons. His pigeons were so fast that he could close his loft even before the required 33% of the pigeons in the sector had returned home and the race was concluded.

Admiration for Piet de Vogel further grew with a recent announcement on Facebook. He revealed his intention to compete with these five top pigeons later this season in the marathon race of the year: Barcelona. The competition is forewarned; Piet has his pigeons in top form and is determined to achieve even more impressive results this season.

Get ready for an electrifying update: Preparation for Barcelona!
For those of you who thought Piet was aiming to make his five seasoned widowhood cocks peak at this race, I've got news that'll blow your mind! Piet's master plan wasn't just Bordeaux—oh no! He sent these magnificent birds to Bordeaux for the extra miles, gearing them up for the ultimate showdown from Barcelona, his crowning goal of the year! 

Piet De Vogel, Oude Tonge Marathon Pigeons For Sale
Mark your calendars, folks, because come July, Piet will be the name on everyone's lips as the race of all races kicks off from Barcelona! Keep your eyes peeled and your excitement levels high Piet is about to make history! 

In the world of racing pigeons, Piet de Vogel is a name to be reckoned with. His unique achievement in the first overnight race of the 2024 season from Bordeaux will long be remembered as an example of dedication, expertise, and pure passion for the sport. We eagerly look forward to his future achievements and the impressive flights of his pigeons.

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