A Historic Victory: Pieter Veenstra & Son Triumph from Gray

A Historic Victory: Pieter Veenstra & Son Triumph from Gray

Jan de Wijs

The world of pigeon racing was recently shaken by a spectacular performance from Pieter Veenstra & Son. During the flight from Gray, a challenging race of no less than 636 kilometers, their pigeon achieved an unprecedented victory. With a total of 4559 pigeons from 421 enthusiasts from section 11 “Friesland,” the competition was fierce, but Veenstra & Son's victory was phenomenal and impressive.

Perfect Weather Conditions and a Meticulously Planned Flight
The weather played a crucial role during this flight. With partly cloudy skies, a weak variable wind, and a pleasant temperature of 22 degrees Celsius, the conditions were nearly ideal for the pigeons. At 7:15 am, the pigeons were released, and the tension among the enthusiasts immediately rose.

The distance from Gray to Drachtstercompagnie, where Pieter Veenstra's lofts are located, is 636 kilometers. This is quite a challenge for any pigeon, but the first pigeon of Veenstra & Son arrived already at 15:38:36. With an average speed of 1264 meters per minute, this pigeon left all competition far behind.

An Unexpected Victory
The winning pigeon of Pieter Veenstra & Son was a yearling hen from 2022, who had not yet won any impressive prizes. It was a moment of pure euphoria when she reached the loft in Drachtstercompagnie, and it quickly became clear that this was a historic achievement. The winning pigeon flew an astonishing 31 meters per minute faster than the second-place pigeon of Arie Dijkstra! Upon arrival, she had a lead of over 12 minutes on the nearest competition in section Friesland, an almost unreal achievement as only a few pigeons had been reported at that time.
A Historic Victory: Pieter Veenstra & Son Triumph from Gray

A Lineage of Champions
The success of Pieter Veenstra & Son is no coincidence. This hen, with a perfect build and excellent genetic background, descends from an impressive line of champions. She is bred from a son of “New Hurricane,” the 1st national ace pigeon one-day long distance in 2019, and “Return Flojo,” the 1st ace pigeon in the South Africa Million Dollar Pigeon Race with a lead of 2 hours and 16 minutes.

Her mother comes from a brother of “Esmee” paired with “Miss Overegge,” a hen who won no less than three 1st prizes in section 11. This outstanding bloodline has clearly paid off, as the winning pigeon of Pieter Veenstra & Son proves to be a true champion.

The impressive victory in Gray is just one of the many achievements of Pieter Veenstra & Son. In total, they had sent 45 pigeons, of which no less than 31 won prizes. The overall result was impressive with the following positions: 1, 5, 23, 24, 76, 81, 91, 115, 116, 141, 256, 270, 346, 423, 425, 468, 514, 554, 646, 656, 691, 768, 789, 863, 871, 1054, 1151, 1163, 1246, 1470, and 1482. These results underscore the consistency and high level of Veenstra & Son's pigeons.

The Influence of “Return Flojo”
The contribution of “Return Flojo” has given a huge boost to the performances of Pieter Veenstra & Son. After a remarkable sale on PIPA in 2018, where Pieter sold all his breeding pigeons, “Return Flojo” proved to be a true game-changer. Her unprecedented performance in the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race brought her back to Drachtstercompagnie, and her influence has since been unmistakable.

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“Return Flojo” and her siblings, including Cartier, Versace, Nestsister Versace, and Jappeloup, are at the foundation of countless victories. The genetic strength of this pigeon line has enabled Pieter Veenstra & Son to excel repeatedly in the pigeon racing sport.

The victory of Pieter Veenstra & Son in the Gray race is a testament to their dedication, expertise, and the extraordinary talent of their pigeons. With an impressive lineage of champions and a strategic approach, they continue to surprise and inspire the pigeon racing world. For all enthusiasts, it is a reminder of the magic and adventure of this beautiful sport.

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Jan de Wijs
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