Pigeon Breeding: The Ultimate Recipe for Unprecedented Success!

Pigeon Breeding: The Ultimate Recipe for Unprecedented Success!

Jan de Wijs

Imagine an enchanting world where your pigeons are not only phenomenal flying champions but also evolve into masterful breeders! It might seem like pure luck, but let's face it, in the pigeon world, we can give fate a little nudge and make the difference between good and extraordinary.

Do you remember the golden age, long ago, where flyers were also the breeders? No exaggerated pedigrees, no dizzying prices, just passionate enthusiasts with a clear vision. Now, we face the challenge with both flyers and breeders, but let's admit it, not every breeder hits the mark.

My personal preference lies in the offspring of the truly impressive flyers, not just the 'breeding pair'. Why? Because those champions have proven to have the right genes! Why gamble with non-performing siblings when you can build on proven successes?

And then there are those rare, magical moments when two pigeons from the same nest shine as flyers. It's extremely rare, but if you have them, cherish them like precious jewels! They're not only masterful in the air but also tend to perform greatly as breeders. A true win-win situation!

Now, let's take a deeper dive into the fascinating realm of pure breeds. Greats like Vandenabeele, Verkerk, and Leo Heremans know that most top performers come from thoughtful crossings. It always brings a smile to my face when I hear foreigners brag about their pure 'Van der Wegens', while even Antoon didn't endorse that, he was constantly looking for better pigeons from others!

In the pigeon world, it's all about pedigrees. Smart enthusiasts who sell their pigeons abroad understand that buyers crave inbred bloodlines. However, let's not lose sight of what a seasoned champion close to me once proclaimed: 'In May, I go 'in-breeding', or rather breeding bad flying pigeons.' For crossing fine, for performing often not so much.

I'm a fervent advocate for crossing, especially with younger pigeons, and yes, even free pairing. It requires some organization, but with multiple breeding boxes, I can endlessly match pigeons. An efficient and effective approach!

And let's also consider those old timers, too old to fly but still sought after for their promising offspring. The same seasoned champion close to me once noted, 'It seems they mostly want to breed bad ones.' Smart decisions in the pigeon world are clearly rewarded!

So, dear fellow pigeon enthusiasts, don't be tempted by absurdly high amounts for a pigeon because of its impressive pedigree. Understand the art of thoughtful crossing, cherish your top performers, and remember, the ultimate recipe for success lies not only in the pedigree but also in well-considered choices and an unmatched passion for pigeon racing!

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