Drama in the Pigeon World: Unveiling a Shocking Incident

Drama in the Pigeon World: Unveiling a Shocking Incident

Jan de Wijs1 comment

It is with a heavy heart and a deep sense of disappointment that I write to you today. A shocking event has occurred that has sent ripples throughout the pigeon enthusiasts' community. An incident that not only threatens the integrity of our beloved sport but also the trust of everyone involved.


A French handler was caught adding an unknown substance to the drinking water of the Barcelona pigeons. This discovery came to light through a keen observation and was immediately reported to the president of the Belgian sports committee and the Belgian national president. The severity of this situation cannot be underestimated, and we understand that there are many questions and concerns.

Initial Reactions and Measures
As soon as the organization was informed, they took immediate action. The handler has been isolated, and a thorough investigation is underway to determine the full extent of this crime. At this moment, we do not know what substance was added to the drinking water. The product is currently being analyzed, and we will share the results as soon as possible.

Impact on the Pigeons
The entire truck, which transported both the French contingent and part of the Belgian pigeons, may have been exposed to this substance. This could have devastating consequences for the health of the pigeons and the outcomes of competitions. We understand that this is a huge blow to everyone involved in the pigeon sport, from volunteers to passionate enthusiasts.

Investigation and Consequences
The investigation will determine whether this person acted alone or under the orders of others. This is a sad and distressing case that severely tarnishes the reputation of the French pigeon sport. We have fought hard for years to ensure a French presence at every event, and actions like this taint all that work.

Future Steps
It is expected that an official complaint will be filed against this person in the coming days. Additionally, Belgian officials have been informed that they will withdraw all French handlers from upcoming events to prevent further incidents.

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Transparency and Communication
As enthusiasts and stakeholders in the pigeon sport, it is our duty to keep you as well informed as possible about this matter. We strive for maximum transparency in the follow-up and want to keep you updated on all developments. This event has deeply affected us all, but together we will come back stronger and ensure that justice prevails.


Hopefully, better news next time,

Jan de Wijs
Blogger & Racing Pigeon Expert

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Samuel J. Vulgamore

People work harder at cheating that what it takes to win! Those people help distroy a good sport.

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