Protecting Pigeons from Avian Influenza: New Vaccines in Development

Protecting Pigeons from Avian Influenza: New Vaccines in Development

Jan de Wijs

Just like in previous years, avian influenza has posed significant challenges worldwide in 2023. Highly pathogenic viruses of the H5 serotype were the main culprits. Reference laboratories in various countries confirmed outbreaks at commercial poultry farms and among hobbyists. Controlling these outbreaks cost millions, and unfortunately, millions of birds had to be euthanized to prevent further spread of the virus.

Monitoring of wild birds revealed hundreds of infected locations globally. Coastal birds, such as seagulls, were particularly hard hit. This indicates that the infection pressure on poultry farms and their surroundings remains high year-round, necessitating strict measures to control outbreaks.

Although several studies show that avian influenza does not affect homing pigeons, outbreaks still cause considerable concern. Quarantines and confinement mandates greatly impact pigeon fanciers. Fortunately, there is good news on the horizon with the development of new vaccines.

New Developments in Avian Influenza Vaccines
In 2023, vaccine manufacturers made significant progress in developing modern vaccines to protect poultry and other birds from avian influenza. Field trials are currently underway in several countries to test the safety and effectiveness of these vaccines in real-world conditions. This offers hope for more effective prevention of avian influenza in the future.

Risks and Measures
In addition to birds, mammals have increasingly come under scrutiny from H5 viruses. Several countries are systematically investigating the carcasses of wild mammals such as foxes and ferrets for avian influenza. These cases are concerning as they increase the risk that the viruses may adapt to mammals and possibly humans, potentially causing a new pandemic.

A Positive Future for Pigeon Fanciers
It is scientifically proven that pigeons have better resistance to avian influenza and contribute less to its spread. Despite these reassuring facts, restrictions remain in place during outbreaks to minimize any risk of spread. However, the advent of new vaccines could alleviate a major concern for pigeon-fanciers worldwide, significantly reducing the threat of avian influenza.

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The progress in developing these vaccines marks an important step in the fight against avian influenza, offering hope for a safer future for both poultry and wild birds. Through international cooperation and ongoing innovation, we can strive for a world where avian influenza is less devastating for animals and humans.

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