Rob Simons: A Triumphant Victory in Pigeon Racing From Niergnies

Rob Simons: A Triumphant Victory in Pigeon Racing From Niergnies

Jan de Wijs

In the picturesque village of Kessel-Eik, renowned for its rich tradition in pigeon racing, Rob Simons achieved a feat this past weekend that will go down in history. This extremely amiable pigeon enthusiast, a name now synonymous with excellence in the sport, overwhelmingly won the prestigious pigeon race from Niergnies. The event attracted no less than 130 fanciers from Section 4, Flying Area 1 North Limburg, with a total of 2240 pigeons participating in the competition. 

Perfect Conditions, Perfect Performance  
At 13:30, the pigeons were released in Niergnies under ideal conditions: a light north wind and a pleasant temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. For Rob Simons, who had to cover a distance of 232 kilometers, this proved to be the perfect setting to showcase his superior skills and the exceptional quality of his pigeons. 

His first pigeon, an impressive chequered hen with ring number NL.22-8609251, arrived at 16:46:44, achieving a phenomenal speed of 1181 meters per minute. What makes this achievement even more remarkable is that this was Rob's 1st nominated pigeon out of the 50 he had set, a rare and admirable feat in pigeon racing. Ultimately, 38 of his 50 pigeons won a prize, an unprecedented achievement that attests to Rob's dedication and craftsmanship. 

Rob Simons: A Triumphant Victory in Pigeon Racing From Niergnies

The Genetic Background of Success  
Rob Simons' success is no coincidence; it is the result of years of careful selection and meticulous breeding programs. The winning pigeon, NL.22-8609251, is a product of exceptional genetic lines. The father of this pigeon, from M and S Kobal, is an inbred product to the legendary “Bliksem” of Gaby Vandenabeele, a name synonymous with top quality in pigeon racing. The mother, obtained from Alex Meijboom, has a lineage from Willem de Bruijn's pigeons, another giant in the sport. 

A Treasure of Champion Blood  
Rob Simons has carefully built his loft with pigeons of the highest quality. Many of his pigeons contain the valuable blood of Gaby Vandenabeele, as also seen in his pigeons that achieved the 4th, 6th, 9th, 12th, and 14th prizes. These impressive performances result from a thorough strategy and a well-thought-out breeding program. 

Friendships and Collaboration  
Rob’s success is not only due to his talent and the quality of his pigeons but also to the valuable friendships and collaborations he has built over the years. He has acquired pigeons from renowned fanciers such as the Smeets pigeon family and Frans Rutten from Horst. These new acquisitions show promising prospects and will undoubtedly contribute to future successes. 

An Inspiration for the Pigeon Racing Sport  
Rob Simons is an inspiration to the pigeon racing community. His triumph in the race from Niergnies is proof of what is possible with passion, dedication, and a deep understanding of the sport. His achievements and his willingness to share his knowledge and experience make him a worthy champion and a beloved figure in the world of pigeon racing. 

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With this impressive victory, Rob Simons has once again proven that he belongs to the top of pigeon racing. His passion, knowledge, and unparalleled dedication to the sport set an example for many and will undoubtedly continue to contribute to his future successes. The pigeon racing community eagerly looks forward to what Rob and his pigeons will achieve in the future. 

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