Sensational Victory of the Schrik Brothers in the Langres Race

Sensational Victory of the Schrik Brothers in the Langres Race

Jan de Wijs

In a thrilling turn of events, the Schrik Brothers from Ter Apel have achieved a phenomenal victory in the recent race from Langres. Competing against a staggering 5039 pigeons from 409 dedicated enthusiasts of Division 10 "East Netherlands," their exceptional yearling hen soared to an incredible win, solidifying their status in the pigeon racing world.

A Race to Remember
The pigeons were released in Langres at 9:30 AM under favorable conditions with a strong southwest wind. The Schrik Brothers entered 40 pigeons into this 570-kilometer race to their loft in Ter Apel. Among them, one exceptional yearling hen emerged victorious, arriving at 14:53:29 with an astounding speed of 1763 meters per minute. This phenomenal performance left 5038 pigeons in her wake, demonstrating her extraordinary prowess.

An Impeccable Bloodline
It's no surprise that this yearling hen performed exceptionally well. A quick glance at her pedigree reveals a lineage brimming with top-tier racing blood. Her family tree includes legendary pigeons like “Jonge Bliksem” from Gaby Vandenabeele, “Leonardo” and “Tinkebel” from Arie Dijkstra, among many others. This remarkable heritage undoubtedly contributed to her outstanding performance.

A Record-Breaking Result
The Schrik Brothers' team did not just win; they dominated the competition. Out of their 40 pigeons, an impressive 32 secured prizes. The results speak for themselves with placements at 1, 5, 10, 21, 39, 107, 111, 112, 125, 130, 144, 271, 324, 371, 374, 404, 436, 632, 634, 640, 739, 768, 774, 881, 885, 1159, 1161, 1164, 1272, 1278, 1307, and 1462. With 11 pigeons in the top 150 against such massive participation, this achievement will be remembered for years to come.

Sensational Victory of the Schrik Brothers in the Langres Race

Decades of Dedication
Henk and David Schrik have spent the past 35 years meticulously developing their own strain of racing pigeons, capable of excelling in even the most challenging long-distance races (600+ km). The foundation of their successful breeding program was built on the Janssen pigeons from Boy Peters, Venlo. These pigeons, linked to the renowned brothers in Arendonk, were known for their exceptional racing abilities. One notable mention is the slate cock from the legendary "Pair 17" of Marien Pieterse Wemeldinge, a direct descendant from Boy Peters, which caused a sensation in the pigeon racing community forty years ago and remains legendary today.

Consistent Improvement
The Schrik Brothers' success is not accidental. Over the years, they have carefully selected and introduced new pigeons to their breeding program to continuously improve their stock. They have incorporated pigeons from esteemed breeders such as Bert Berends, Nieuw-Weerdinge, N.Bauerhuit, F. Meyer, H.P. van Wijngaarden, Luc De Laere, and Adrie van de Rhee. Their straightforward and no-nonsense approach, combined with a stable of top-quality pigeons, allows their results to speak volumes.

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A Victory for the Ages
This sensational victory by the Schrik Brothers in the Langres race is a testament to their dedication, skill, and the outstanding quality of their pigeons. As this news spreads among pigeon racing enthusiasts worldwide, Henk and David Schrik's names will be remembered and celebrated for their monumental achievement. Their remarkable performance serves as an inspiration to pigeon fanciers everywhere, proving that with passion, dedication, and the right breeding program, the sky is truly the limit.


This victory will undoubtedly be etched in the annals of pigeon racing history, and the Schrik Brothers have firmly cemented their place among the sport's elite.

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Jan de Wijs
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