The 2024 Gold Cup at Carnival Lofts – The Ultimate Racing Pigeon Showdown

The 2024 Gold Cup at Carnival Lofts – The Ultimate Racing Pigeon Showdown

Jan de Wijs

Hey Racing Pigeon Enthusiasts From Around The Globe! Listen up because we've got news that's going to get your feathers in a flutter! Introducing the *2024 Gold Cup Race*, hosted by none other than Carnival Lofts in the spectacular country of South Africa!

Are you all set to fly high and compete with the best of the best? Well, make sure to mark your calendars because you're going to want to be a part of this!

Discover the unparalleled beauty of South Africa, from breathtaking safaris and vibrant cities to rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes, it's an adventure you'll cherish forever...

The Prize Money 💰
Hold on to your perches, because the 1st prize is an eye-popping R500,000! Yes, you read that right! That's guaranteed, folks! Not to mention the second, third, and various other categories are equally lucrative. If you're coming in from international waters, the prize converts to a cool $30,000 or €30,000!

The Rules 
Entry fee is R10,000 for a team of 5 dazzling racers (2 entered and 3 reserves). International pals, you're looking at a fee of US$600 or €600!  And make sure your champions are ringed with 2023 rings only! 

Hot Spots 🔥
Your feathered athletes will need some prep before the big day! So, we've planned 4 "Hot Spots" or training flights ranging from 200km to 400km! Let's get those wings flapping! 

The Grand Race 
They have got a terrific lineup of training races leading up to the main event. Here's what to look forward to:

- Winburg (250 km)
- Verkeerdevlei (300 km)
- Bloemfontein (360 km)
- Colesberg area (at least 530km) as the main race!

And even More Good News For You 📣
Post-race, your high-flying heroes will be auctioned off, and you get a share of the net selling price! Win, win, don't you think? If a pigeon is sold for less than R601 all will be offset against costs with no kickback to the breeder. Every entrant must supply a pedigree of his pigeons on auction to be entitled to this kickback.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and secure your spot today! This is your chance to claim glory on an international stage, and you don't want to miss it! 🏆🕊️

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Happy Racing to you all! 🏁🏆

Until the next blog,

Jan de Wijs
Blogger, Racing Pigeon Expert and Influencer…


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