The Fascinating Saga of Marathon Pigeon “Red Bullens"

The Fascinating Saga of Marathon Pigeon “Red Bullens"

Jan de Wijs

Let's take a deep dive together into the captivating world of our cherished sport: pigeon racing! It's a world filled with unforgettable personalities, the pigeons that have left an indelible mark on the hearts of enthusiasts all over the world.

One of these superstars, a true titan in the marathon world, is undeniably the phenomenal “Red Bullens”.

Jan Bullens from Oirschot had the fortune of owning this flying wonder, which earned numerous accolades such as 1st NPO Bergerac 4,288 d, 2nd NPO Bordeaux 5,038 d, 2nd NPO Bergerac 4,651 d. But the story of "Red Bullens" didn't end there, on the contrary, it got even more exciting when he moved to Gerard Koopman, where he evolved into a master breeder.

When Gerard made plans to excel in marathon flights, he rushed to Oirschot to bid on this superior flyer and breeder. And there, dear readers, began the fairy tale of the "Red Bullens"! He began to shine quickly, not only in Gerard's lofts, but also among the lucky enthusiasts who had the chance to acquire pigeons from his top-tier lineage.

There is something magical between Gerard and exceptional breeding and performance pigeons; they always seem to find each other. When Gerard started focusing on the marathon, he sought and found his "rare bird" in "Red Bullens".

"Red Bullens" hails from a family of winners; his father is a full brother to "975", the father of "Red Duuk", the 2nd Olympiad Pigeon Marathon Dortmund '09. The grandfather of "Red Bullens" won 6th National St. Vincent and 69th National Barcelona. But let's not forget, it is after his move to Ermerveen that "Red Bullens" truly unfolded as a top breeder. Paired with various hens, he became the father of promising marathon pigeons, including the standouts "Noel" and "Leonidas".

Among his impressive offspring, there are many more stars such as "Leonidas", 1st National Ace Pigeon Marathon W.H.Z.B / T.B.O.T.B 2014, "Noel", 1st Ace Pigeon NFC Marathon 2013, "Henderikus", 2nd National Ace Pigeon NPO, Marathon 2018, "Phidippides", Olympiad Pigeon in Poznan category Marathon, "Maximus", 1st Limoges National Sector 4, "Aristos", 3rd National Ace Pigeon Fondspiegel category marathon 2017, and "Vitalis", 5th National Ace Pigeon NPO-sector 4 marathon 2017.

To be honest, dear readers, it's impossible to mention all the top performers flying at Gerard's and having some connection to the breeding legend "Red Bullens". The list is simply too long. It is an honor for me to mention "Red Bullens", bred by Jan Bullens and discovered by the master himself, Gerard Koopman, as one of the greatest marathon breeders ever to fly in Dutch airspace.

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Next time, we'll dive into the world of the legendary "Teletext Couple" from Huub Hermans from Born. So be sure to keep an eye on my blog!

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