The Race of a Lifetime: Secure Your Spot in the Tar Heel Classic!

Time is running out! No Perch Fees For EU Fanciers in 2024 edition of Tar Heel Classic!

Jan de Wijs

Attention all pigeon racing aficionados! 🕊️ The clock is ticking, and the wings are set for the prestigious Tar Heel Classic One Loft Race in Enfield, North Carolina, USA. And guess what? It’s your time to be part of this exhilarating event!

Only 150 Spots for European Champions!
That’s right, folks! There are only 150 spots available for export to the USA from Europe, and they’re filling up faster than a Peregrine Falcon on the chase! If you're in Europe and dreaming of having your feathered athlete compete for a whopping 💰 $600,000 prize pool, then flutter no further!

🌟 Great news for all pigeon enthusiasts in the EU! 🌟

Bam! No Perch Fees For EU Fanciers in 2024! Tar Heel Classic Pigeon Race

John Ward of the Tarheel Classic One Loft Race has something exceptional in store for you for the 2024 edition of this promising race. We are pleased to announce that this year NO perch fees will be charged for enthusiasts from the European Union!

This is your opportunity to participate in one of the most exciting pigeon races in the world without the cost of a perch fee. Seize this unique chance to have your pigeons compete for victory in this prestigious competition.

Don't wait any longer and sign up now through the link below to take advantage of this special offer. Don't let this opportunity pass you by, and be a part of the Tarheel Classic One Loft Race 2024!

Here’s What You Need to Know:

Important Dates:
The European collection period is from February 26th to March 8th, 2024. Mark it in your calendars, set a reminder, do whatever it takes because you won't want to miss this window! Subscribe to our Infomail and I will make sure you will not forget… CLICK HERE >>>

With perch fees at just $150 (€140) and entry fees per bird at $375 (€348), it’s a small price for a shot at pigeon racing glory. Remember, due to exchange rate fluctuations, these amounts are as close to the day’s rate as feathers to the sky!

Import & Quarantine Fee:
An additional fee of €325 covers EU quarantine and all the nitty-gritty details, ensuring your birds are race-ready upon arrival in the US.

🏁 Prize Breakdown: Tar Heel Classic Payouts 🎉
Racers, it’s not just about the thrill of the race, but also the glittering prizes that await! With a potential of 2000 paid activations, the stakes are sky-high. Here’s how the prize pot breaks down for the various races:

🚀 350 Mile Race: The Marathon of the Skies
1st Place: A grand prize of $200,000!
2nd Place: A cool $100,000.
3rd Place: $50,000 for bronze brilliance.
4th to 6th Place: Each spot earns $20,000.
7th to 9th Place: Winners will pocket $10,000 each.
10th to 20th Place: A solid $5,000 for each spot.
21st to 25th Place: Take home $2,500.
26th to 54th Place: Each spot gets $750.
55th to 100th Place: $500 for each of these rankings.

🌟 250 Mile Race: The Mid-Distance Challenge
1st Place: A neat $3,000 for the winner.
2nd to 6th Place: Each takes $2,000.
7th to 10th Place: Winners secure $500 each.

🌠 200 Mile Race: The Sprinters Showdown
1st Place: Win $2,000 for crossing the line first.
2nd to 6th Place: Grab $1,000 each.
7th to 10th Place: Each racer earns $500.

🕊️ 150 Mile Race: The Speed Test
Average Speed Only: This race is all about consistency and speed.
🏆 Ace Pigeon: The Ultimate Honor
1st Place: The top bird earns $15,000.
2nd Place: Not far behind with $7,000.
3rd Place: Flying home with $4,000.
4th Place: A tidy sum of $2,000.
5th Place: Finishes with $1,000.
All prizes are based on the target of 2000 paid activations. After the 100-mile activation trainer, prizes will be recalculated according to the actual number of paid activations. So they could increase or decrease, keeping the competition as fierce as ever!

And here’s something to ruffle your feathers – any activations over 2000 entries will have 80% of the entry monies added to the prizes on top of the already staggering $600,000 in prizes!

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The Time is Now! ⏳
Don’t let this opportunity fly away. Visit now to get all the information you need and to secure your champion's spot.

📍 PO Box 146 Kayville, UT 84037, United States
☎️ Phone: +1801-580-6746
✉️ Email:

Tar Heel Classic One Loft Race: Registration 2024
Remember, enthusiasts, this isn’t just a race; it’s a testament to the dedication and passion we share for the love of pigeon racing. Let's make history together at the Tar Heel Classic. 🏁 I am sure that you all understand I highly recommend this race if I look at the people involved in the race and shipping of the pigeon this race is top-notch!

Yours in pigeon passion,

Jan de Wijs
Blogger and Racing Pigeon Expert


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