The Unstoppable Force of Alwin Petrie and the Phenomenal Hen Gigi

The Unstoppable Force of Alwin Petrie and the Phenomenal Hen Gigi

Jan de Wijs

Hello pigeon enthusiasts! Today, I have a special treat for you all: an in-depth look into one of the titans of Dutch pigeon racing, Alwin Petrie. This man is nothing short of a living legend, whose achievements in both speed and one-day long-distance, competitions are truly awe-inspiring. Let's dive into the life of this remarkable sportsman and his extraordinary pigeon loft!

From Young Talent to Pigeon Icon
Alwin Petrie is not just a name in the pigeon racing community; it's a symbol of excellence. Since his youth, he has amassed numerous titles and victories that would make even the most seasoned pigeon fanciers green with envy. NPO wins, Olympiad pigeons, national ace pigeons—you name it, he's got it. And as if that weren't enough, his daughter Maaike is also making waves and daring to compete with her father!

A Pedigree of Champions
Since the 1980s, Alwin has developed a lineage of top-notch pigeons that has stood the test of time. The current generation, which continues to win at the highest level, is built on this solid foundation. Each new addition is rigorously tested before being included in this noble lineage.

The Resurgence of a Legend
Though Alwin had to step back a few years ago due to relocation, he's back with a bang. Alongside his daughter Maaike, he continues to dominate the pigeon racing scene both locally and nationally.

The Phenomenal Hen: Gigi
And now, the icing on the cake—the incredible Gigi. Not only is this hen a phenomenon in her flying career but also as a breeder. Her offspring have won a plethora of national titles and are living proof of her exceptional genetic makeup.The Phenomenal Hen: Gigi from Alwin Petrie. A legend in pigeon racingJust to give you an idea, Gigi's record includes:

- 1st NPO Peronne 9,255 pigeons
- 1st NPO Breuil le Vert 5,858 pigeons
- 1st Strombeek 1,271 pigeons
- 1st Meer 432 pigeons
- 3rd middle-distance pigeon NL Europa Cup
- 5th National ace pigeon speed middle-distance TBOTB

Gigi's offspring prove she has golden genes indeed! Her descendants are soaring high with an impressive list of victories that can't be ignored. Here are just some of their accolades:

1st National Ace Pigeon for young birds in 'The Very Best' FCI conditions 2019
1st National Ace Pigeon in the all-round junior PIPA rankings (6 prizes) 2019
1st National Ace Pigeon for young birds in MF NPO 2019
1st & 5th Provincial Ace Pigeon for young birds in MF 2019
1st South-Provincial Ace Pigeon speed 2018
1st Ace Pigeon in MF Federation 2018
1st Ace Pigeon in older speed category in Kring De Ijssel 2018
1st in Xuzhou Huishang International One Loft Race finale 500 km, bagging 3,744 pigeons and winning a car in 2017!

And the list goes on! Among other top placements, they've also scored:

1st in Provincial Venlo against 18,965 birds in 2020
1st in NPO Chateaudun against 3,417 birds (4th Nationally against 8,815 birds)
1st in South-Provincial Bierges against 7,088 birds

Multiple 1st prizes from Soissons, 2nd in races where only a loft mate beat them and several top 10 finishes in NPO races!

Clearly, Gigi's lineage is a force to be reckoned with in the pigeon racing world. Don't miss out on following this exceptional line of racing pigeons; they're evidently crafted for excellence! 🏆🐦

A Family of Winners
What's truly unique about Alwin's story is that all these incredible achievements have been made within one pigeon family. Over the years, the phenomenal Gigi has been the star of this family. Her achievements, and those of her (grand)children, ensure a bright future for the Petrie colony.

In conclusion, Alwin Petrie is not just a name; it's a dynasty in Dutch pigeon racing. With over 30 years of consistent top performances and a pigeon lineage that repeatedly proves to be the best, we can only anticipate what the future holds for this exceptional pigeon fancier.

Until the next blog,

Jan de Wijs
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