Unveiling the Pigeon Racing Maestro: Paul van den Boogaard's Epic Journey to Dominance!

Unveiling the Pigeon Racing Maestro: Paul van den Boogaard's Epic Journey to Dominance!

Jan de Wijs

Pigeon Enthusiasts, brace yourselves, for we have uncovered a legend in the world of pigeon racing, and his name is Paul van den Boogaard! Nestled in the picturesque town of Kamerik, a gem under the shadow of Utrecht, this man is a true icon of dedication and success in the pigeon world.

From a young age, he nurtured his passion for pigeons, and since 1986, he has specialized in long-distance racing, with a success story that will leave you in awe.
Let's start with the foundation of Paul's success story. 
In 1991, a year that will forever be etched in the annals of pigeon racing, he acquired no fewer than 20 young pigeons from none other than the legendary Bert Nijssen from Noordwijk. One of these young pigeons, "St. Vincent's son," a descendant of a Rosmolen / Frans van Peperstraten cock, would become the cornerstone of breeding pair 2, marking the beginning of an epic journey.

But that's not all, in 1994 and 1995, Paul joined forces with Jaap van der Kamp, and together, they introduced new long-distance bloodlines to his lofts. Think names like Bosman / Vlierbergen from Marien Boudens, v.d. Wegen via Eijerkamp, and the legendary “Bennen” strain from Wilfried Stiel. The lineage grew steadily, welcoming new blood to fortify the pigeons' strength.

And now, let's talk about the crown jewels of Paul's breeding strategy.
"Super Perpignan," a pigeon of unmatched class, has enriched his lineage and shines not only in Paul's own lofts but also elsewhere, such as the legendary "SuperBob," bred by none other than Bob Janssen himself. But there's more! "Sun Attack," the pigeon that won the 1st National St. Vincent in 2021, beating 11,617 pigeons, also belongs to these impressive bloodlines from breeding pairs 1 and 2. A testament to the unparalleled power of Paul's pigeon lineage.

Paul vd Boogaard, Sun Attack, Super Perpignan

Let's delve deeper into these breeding pairs.

Breeding Pair 1
Originating from Jaap v.d. Kamp, houses the prestigious V.d. Wegen strain (via Eijerkamp) and pigeons from the renowned Zeeland fancier Marien Boudens. Their descendants, such as "THE CONQUEROR," "SILVER ATLANTA," "DRIVEN MONTAUBAN," and "SUN ATTACK," shine individually on national and international stages.

Paul vd Boogaard, Kweekkoppel 1, Breeding Pair 1

Breeding Pair 2 
Is no less impressive, featuring the legendary cock "ST. VINCENT'S SON" and the beautiful hen "VLIER BARCJE." Their offspring, including "SUPER PERPIGNAN," "BLUE FROM PAU," and "CLOUDY," continue to amaze and inspire with their flying performances.

Paul van der Boogaard, Kweekkoppel 2, Breeding Pair 2

Paul's pigeons are true champions, whether it's in heavy long-distance races, middle-distance races, morning releases, or the prestigious Barcelona flights. His breeding pair 1 and breeding pair 2 form the unshakable foundation of his success, consistently delivering top performances at the highest level.

1st National St. Vincent in 2021
But now, let's pause for a moment to celebrate the absolute pinnacle of Paul's pigeon racing career to date: the 1st National St. Vincent in 2021. A feat of unprecedented proportions, as St. Vincent-de-Tyrosse was once the most popular national marathon race in the Netherlands. In 2021, a staggering 11,617 pigeons took part, and Paul emerged as the glorious victor. His hen, a three-year-old beauty, clocked in at 12:02 and covered a breathtaking distance of 1047 kilometers at an astonishing speed of 960.01 meters per minute. She won the national victory with a lead of approximately 40 minutes over her competitors. A performance that will forever be engraved in the annals of pigeon racing.|

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So, pigeon enthusiasts, let's pay a well-deserved tribute to Paul van den Boogaard, the marathon man of Kamerik. His dedication, passion, and unrivaled breeding pair 1 and breeding pair 2 have taken pigeon racing to new heights. Keep following this legend, for his pigeons will undoubtedly achieve many more victories and continue to inspire us with their flying prowess. Paul, we salute you and congratulate you on your extraordinary success in the world of pigeons!
Did this blog get you excited? 
Follow Paul from week to week via his beautifully designed website and social media channels. The links can be found below.
Website: https://www.paulvandenboogaardpigeons.nl/
E-mail: fam.vdboogaard@live.nl
Phone: +31618499070 (Voice & WhatsApp)
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