Urgent Appeal: 37 Pigeons Stolen from Kolvenbag & Son

Urgent Appeal: 37 Pigeons Stolen from Kolvenbag & Son

Jan de Wijs

On a distressing night between 11:21 PM on September 29 and 1:07 AM on September 30, 37 valuable pigeons were stolen from Kolvenbag & Son.

The owners and the pigeon-racing community are deeply shocked by this event, and a reward has been offered for the safe return of these pigeons.

Contact Information
If you have any information that could lead to the recovery of these pigeons, please get in touch as soon as possible through the following channels:

Email: gkolvenbag@gmail.com

Ring Numbers of the Stolen Pigeons
B08- 6134006, B13-6053158, IF2014 KOLV808, IF2015 KOLV940, IF2016 KOLV1098, IF2016 KOLV1004, IF17 KOLV1111, B17-6263560, IF18 KOLV1227, IF19 KOLV1335, IF19 KOLV1337, IF20 KOLV1419, IF21 KOLV1516, IF22 KOLV1698, IF22 KOLV1616, IF22 KOLV1646, IF20 KOLV1463, IF23 KOLV1777, IF21 KOLV1520, AU06WC4682, B17-6263559, IF2017 KOLV1173, IF16 KOLV1026, IF21 KOLV1514, IF20 KOLV1469, IF21 KOLV1599, B16-6033728, IF22 KOLV1643, IF22 KOLV1625, IF22 PHX7155, B15-6031142, IF21 PHX3718, IF22, KOLV1644, IF22 KOLV1664, AU22 NRPL2145, IF21 PHX4252, IF23 PHX5188

How Can You Help?

Be Vigilant
Keep an eye out at local auctions, pigeon markets, or online sales platforms.

Share Information
Disseminate this message and the ring numbers as widely as possible within your network.

If you have any relevant information, please don't hesitate to get in touch immediately.

A reward is being offered to anyone who can safely return the pigeons or provide information leading to their safe return.

The loss of these pigeons is not only a financial blow but also an emotional loss for Kolvenbag & Son and the broader pigeon-racing community. We, therefore, ask everyone to be extra alert and to help wherever possible. In times like these, community support is invaluable. Together, we can work towards a solution and hopefully return the pigeons to where they belong.

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