Fantastic Victory for JOH van Belzen and Son from Arnemuiden in the National Race from Fontenay

Fantastic Victory for JOH van Belzen and Son from Arnemuiden in the National Race from Fontenay

Jan de Wijs

On June 8, the moment had arrived. A day that will be etched into the history books of pigeon racing. JOH van Belzen and Son from Arnemuiden achieved an unparalleled feat in the national race from Fontenay, France.

The competition was immense:
6031 pigeons from 309 fanciers from Section 1 Zeeland competed for the title. But it was the Van Belzen's who returned home with a brilliant victory. The conditions were far from ideal. The pigeons were released at 07:45 in Fontenay, with a moderate southwest wind of force 3 and a temperature of 13 degrees Celsius. The race distance was 379 kilometers to the lofts in Arnemuiden, a challenge for any pigeon. Yet this posed no problem for the 38 pigeons entered by JOH van Belzen  and Son.

At 12:10:55, the first pigeon landed, NL.22-2200251, a 2-year-old cock. With an incredible speed of 1426 meters per minute, this champion flew straight to victory. It was a moment of pure triumph and joy for the Van Belzen’s and their supporters.
But the success did not end with this one pigeon. Of the 38 pigeons entered, 21 won prizes. This demonstrates that the Van Belzen’s know how to prepare their pigeons to perfection and peak at the right moment. The complete result of these superstars is as follows: 1 - 34 - 154 - 205 - 313 - 370 - 373 - 383 - 577 - 578 - 590 - 617 - 930 - 1075 - 1166 - 1259 - 1307 - 1443 - 1766 - 1771 - 1927.

Fantastic Victory for JOH van Belzen and Son from Arnemuiden in the National Race from Fontenay

These impressive results confirm the status of JOH van Belzen and Son as true masters in pigeon racing. Their dedication, expertise, and love for pigeons shine through in every race they participate in. Their lofts in Arnemuiden are a source of inspiration for every pigeon fancier, both seasoned veterans and newcomers to the sport.

More about JOH van Belzen and Son
The combination of JOH van Belzen and Son has a rich history in pigeon racing. Their passion and dedication are unparalleled. With years of experience, carefully selected pigeons, and thorough care, they have built a top team that consistently delivers stellar performances.

Their lofts in Arnemuiden are more than just a home base for their pigeons. It is a place where tradition and innovation go hand in hand. Where knowledge and skills are passed down from father to son, and where every race is a new opportunity to excel.

Inspiration for All Pigeon Fanciers
The success of JOH van Belzen and Son is an inspiration for everyone involved in pigeon racing. It shows that with passion, perseverance, and the right approach, great results can be achieved. Their story encourages new enthusiasts to take the plunge and delve into this wonderful sport.

For those considering starting with pigeons, the story of the Van Belzen’s is a perfect example of what is possible. Their victories show that pigeon racing is not just a hobby, but a lifestyle full of joy, challenges, and rewards.

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The victory of JOH van Belzen and Son in the national race from Fontenay is a world-class achievement. It is proof of their expertise and passion for pigeon racing. We can only look forward to their next accomplishment and hope that their success will continue for many years to come.

Keep an eye on these very sympathetic men from the Zeeland town of Arnemuiden, because their story is far from over. Who knows what more the future holds for these champions!

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Jan de Wijs
Blogger & Racing Pigeon Expert

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