Viking Pigeon OLR, The Ultimate Pigeon Racing Experience

Viking Pigeon OLR, The Ultimate Pigeon Racing Experience

Jan de Wijs

Where the Spirit of Pippi Longstocking and the Tenacity of Vikings Shape Your Pigeons into Champions!

In the world of pigeon racing, new opportunities are always arising that challenge the norms and broaden the horizons for enthusiasts and their winged athletes. While many pigeon fanciers are familiar with the traditional racing circuits, there is one event that stands out as a truly unique experience: the Viking Pigeons Race. And let's just say, the loft is tucked away in a location that brings together the legacies of Pippi Longstocking and the mighty Vikings!

A Little About the Race
The Viking Pigeons Race takes place in Gothenburg, situated on the scenic west coast of Sweden. This is no ordinary venue; it's Europe’s northernmost One Loft Race (OLR), offering an unparalleled challenge with its Scandinavian weather conditions, and the surrounding forests and water bodies.

What’s on Offer?
After the final race day, the event culminates in a festive gathering complete with good food, drinks, and a lively atmosphere filled with pigeon talk and dance. Prizes are not just monetary; they are tokens of achievement earned in one of the most challenging terrains in pigeon racing.

Costs and Requirements
- Entry Fee: 150 Euros per pigeon
- Special Offer: Pay for 5 pigeons and get 1 free entry
- Pigeon Age: Must be between 35-50 days old
- Important: All pigeons must be vaccinated against paramyxo virus at least 10 days before arrival.

Visit Gothenburg for the final of the Viking Oneloft race, book with expedia.

Beyond the Race: What Happens to the Pigeons
The breeder receives 40% of the auction proceeds for the first 100 pigeons that return after the final race, as well as the first five Ace pigeons and all prize winners. Pigeons without a pedigree will not be auctioned, and ownership is transferred to the organizers after the final flight.

Why This Race?
It's not often that you find a race that promises an experience steeped in history and challenges, akin to those faced by the legendary Vikings or the robust adventures of Pippi Longstocking. This is more than just a race; it's a journey that could make legends out of your pigeons. With top-notch care guaranteed by the Viking OLR Team, your pigeons will be in excellent hands.
So, when pondering your next pigeon racing venture, perhaps think a little outside the coop. The Viking Pigeons Race offers an adventure that is as enriching for the pigeons as it is for their owners.
The Viking OLR Team, with its years of pigeon experience and deep passion, awaits your participation. Make history with your pigeons. Give them an adventure they won't forget.
For those who truly value the craftsmanship behind pigeon racing, this event will not disappoint.

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