Grand Victory for Vincent Bonnes: A Triumph from Saulieu!

Grand Victory for Vincent Bonnes: A Triumph from Saulieu!

Jan de Wijs

On June 15, 2024, the pigeon racing world was treated to a spectacular display of speed and endurance. In a race featuring 5404 pigeons from 502 fanciers from Region 9 “East Netherlands,” one name shone above all others: Vincent Bonnes from De Lutte, Overijssel. This super-friendly super-fancier not only has a passion for pigeon racing but also possesses a talent that transcends boundaries.

The Start of an Epic Flight
On this beautiful June day, the pigeons were released in Saulieu at 9:30 AM. With a strong southwest wind and a temperature of 12 degrees Celsius, the conditions were ideal for a fast race. Predictions indicated that the pigeons would achieve high speeds, and they did! The distance from Saulieu to Vincent Bonnes' lofts is a challenging 594 kilometers, a challenge the pigeons embraced with vigor.

A Surprising Arrival
Vincent had entered 20 pigeons for this race, and the tension was palpable. When the first pigeon unexpectedly dropped from the sky, Vincent initially thought it was a latecomer from an earlier race, as no notifications had come in yet. To his surprise, it turned out to be one from Saulieu, and the antenna initially failed to register it. Only on the second attempt was the pigeon recorded at 14:55:33. With an incredible speed of 1824 meters per minute, this pigeon claimed the first prize!

The Champion: "Nicole"
The winning pigeon, named "Nicole" (NL.22-8161190), has an impressive lineage. She comes from a cock of the Famous Belgium Fancier Ulrich Lemmens line (“Gust” line), and her mother was bred by Vincent himself. Her maternal grandfather had already bred a 1st NPO Region 9 North from Gien. The winning genes coursing through her veins were unmistakable.

Grand Victory for Vincent Bonnes: A Triumph from Saulieu!

An interesting fact is that Nicole's mother also participated in this race and achieved a splendid 38th place against 5402 other pigeons. This once again demonstrates the strength of Vincent Bonnes' bloodlines.

An Unprecedented Achievement
In total, 13 of Vincent's 20 entered pigeons won prizes in the region, an impressive feat. The complete results of Vincent's pigeons against 5404 competitors were as follows: 


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An Inspiration for Pigeon Fanciers Worldwide
Vincent Bonnes' triumph in the race from Saulieu is an inspiration for pigeon fanciers around the world. His dedication, knowledge, and passion for the sport are clearly evident in the performances of his pigeons. Vincent's lofts in De Lutte are a source of talent and quality, and this victory confirms his status as a top pigeon fancier.


At, we heartily congratulate Vincent on this extraordinary result and wish him many more successful races in the future. Vincent Bonnes' victory shows that with the right combination of care, training, and passion, every race can become a triumph.

Until the next blog,

Jan de Wijs
Blogger & Racing Pigeon Expert

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