Willem van Dam: The Overwhelming Winner of the Race from Salbris

Willem van Dam: The Overwhelming Winner of the Race from Salbris

Jan de Wijs

In the world of pigeon-fanciers, Willem van Dam from Almere is a name everyone now knows. He has achieved an incredible feat by securing first place in a race from Salbris, France. With 4,003 pigeons from 297 enthusiasts in Region 7 "Central Netherlands" participating, this victory is a remarkable achievement that commands respect from pigeon-fanciers worldwide.

The Race from Salbris
On the morning of the race, at 06:45 AM, the pigeons were released in Salbris, a picturesque town in France. The weather conditions were ideal for a swift flight with a strong to heavy southwest wind and a temperature of 11 degrees Celsius. The distance from Salbris to Willem's lofts in Almere is 602 kilometers.

Willem had entered a total of 13 pigeons for this race. He had high expectations for his pigeons, especially given the favorable weather forecasts. The first pigeon arrived at 12:13:10 PM, achieving an impressive speed of 1,834 meters per minute, earning her the first prize.

Willem van Dam: The Overwhelming Winner of the Race from Salbris

The Strength of Willem's Hens
Willem had already had a premonition that one of his hens would be the star of the show. Recently, the cocks had struggled to get in top form, while the hens had much less trouble with this. The winning hen was particularly well-prepared. In the absence of cocks, Willem had paired her with another hen. Together, they cared for four eggs, significantly increasing their motivation to return home quickly. The urge to care for their eggs made both hens extra stimulated to return swiftly to their loft.

The "523"
The winning hen, known as the "523," has strong genes contributing to her impressive performances. On her father's side, she comes from Willem's old 701-line, which includes pigeons from the Graaff-Bishop and the first sector Bergerac of sector 3. On her mother's side, she is a child of the Trumpeter from K. Post in Kampen. Willem once received or borrowed this hen from Ferry de Kok; he doesn't remember exactly. On her father's side, there is also some Cramer blood through Pieter Woord from Urk.

It is not the first time this line has been successful. Last year, Willem bred a fantastic youngster from this line, and this year's performance once again proves the quality of these pigeons. This underscores that a good pigeon does not necessarily have to be expensive. Even people with a modest budget can obtain good pigeons and achieve impressive results. As Willem himself says, "With coffee and meringues, you can go a long way."

Success and Passion
Willem's success in this race shows that with the right preparation and motivation, even with the most modest means, great results can be achieved. It is a beautiful confirmation of the passion and dedication we all share in this sport. Of course, a bit of luck also plays a role, but the foundation lies in passion and hard work.

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This victory by Willem van Dam is an inspiration for pigeon-fanciers worldwide. It shows that with dedication, proper preparation, and a bit of luck, anyone can achieve great feats in the world of pigeon racing.


Congratulations, Willem van Dam, on this fantastic victory! Your success is an example for us all.

Until the next blog,

Jan de Wijs
Blogger & Racing Pigeon Expert

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