Wings Beneath the Clouds: My Story as a Pigeon Enthusiast in the Shadow of Birds of Prey

Wings Beneath the Clouds: My Story as a Pigeon Enthusiast in the Shadow of Birds of Prey

Jan de Wijs1 comment

My life revolves around pigeon racing. I share this story with you because I know many of you share the same passion and face the same challenges. My love for pigeons is more than a hobby; it's a lifelong commitment, a deep connection with these magnificent animals. However, this passion also brings heart-wrenching challenges, especially due to the increasing presence of birds of prey.

As a child, I was already fascinated by pigeons. I spend hours observing and caring for these graceful birds. They are my companions, my pride, and with each new generation of pigeons, my love and dedication grew. But over the years, the joy of flying my pigeons was often disrupted by the shadow of birds of prey circling above them.

The most poignant moment was when I lost my beloved “Silver,” a pigeon I had raised from a young age. Seeing his mutilated body was not only a personal loss but a reminder of the vulnerability of my beloved pigeons. This loss brought a wave of emotions and a determination to better protect my pigeons.

I am not alone in this struggle. Many of you, fellow pigeon enthusiasts, have had similar experiences. Together, we face the challenge of protecting our pigeons from the increasing threat of birds of prey, a problem exacerbated by the practice of releasing these predators. This human intervention disrupts the natural balance and has devastating consequences for our pigeons and our sport.

Therefore, I decided to take action. By improving coop safety, adjusting flying routines, and engaging in dialogue with conservationists, I am trying to create a safer environment for my pigeons. Moreover, I am an advocate for raising awareness about the impact of releasing birds of prey on our sport and our beloved pigeons.

I invite you to visit my website, where we can come together as a community to share our experiences, learn from each other, and work together on solutions. On my website, you will find tips, stories, and the opportunity to share your experiences. This is to work together to protect our pigeons. This is not just an information platform but also a community of passionate pigeon enthusiasts who want to make a difference together.

Come, join our community, share your stories, and let's work together for a future where our pigeons can fly safely. In the shadow of the birds of prey, we, pigeon enthusiasts, remain unwavering in our dedication and love for these beautiful animals. Together, we can keep our passion for pigeon racing alive, while we protect and cherish our pigeons.

Leave your experiences below....

Until the next blog,

Jan de Wijs
Blogger and Racing Pigeon Expert

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Hola cómo colombofila y amante de las palomas. Ya no puedo disfrutar viendo volar a mis palomas porque casi todos los días mis palomas se encuentran amenazadas por los halcones, las noto nerviosas y mirando continuamente al cielo, sinceramente no me acostumbro a esta situación y no me puedo relajar viéndolas volar, ni las puedo entrenar debidamente, creo que es un problema que hace perder las ganas y la pasión por este deporte.

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