The Art of Quality Over Quantity: Raising Elite Racing Pigeons

The Art of Quality Over Quantity: Raising Elite Racing Pigeons

Jan de Wijs

Pigeon racing is an exciting hobby. The key to succeeding in this pursuit is often misconstrued as owning numerous pigeons. But the adage that often holds true is this: "Keep only a few racing pigeons, but keep the best you can get"

The first question that arises when we approach the subject is, why should we emphasize quality over quantity?

Health Management
Managing the health of a smaller flock is significantly easier. Racing pigeons need regular care and attention to stay at their peak performance. They require proper nutrition, routine vaccination, and regular check-ups to keep diseases at bay. A smaller number of pigeons means that you can devote more time to each bird, ensuring they are in the best possible health.

Training racing pigeons requires time, effort, and a lot of patience. Birds need to be taught to navigate from the racing point back to their loft. This training involves building trust between the handler and the pigeons, progressively lengthening the training flights, and fostering their natural homing abilities. With fewer pigeons, it becomes manageable to invest the requisite amount of time and attention for each bird.

Racing pigeons come with their share of expenses. From their initial purchase or breeding, housing, feeding, healthcare, to their racing expenses, maintaining a racing pigeon is not a small financial undertaking. By focusing on quality and keeping fewer but superior birds, you can ensure your resources are effectively utilized, and your investment returns the best possible outcome.

Keeping a smaller flock of top-quality pigeons opens the door for breeding excellence. Careful pairing of high-performing pigeons allows for the cultivation of superior traits, resulting in offspring with enhanced racing potential. It's a process that requires time and knowledge, but with fewer birds, each mating pair can be chosen more carefully.

Now, how can one acquire the best racing pigeons?

Research and Networking
Knowledge is the key to choosing your pigeons wisely. Research and learn about different breeds, their racing history, and performance. Connect with reputable breeders, join pigeon racing clubs, and attend pigeon auctions. Networking with pigeon racing communities can provide valuable insights and often lead to opportunities to acquire top-performing birds. If you have no time for this, you can contact people like me to help you. Do not hesitate to contact me at +31621526452 or

Pedigree Analysis
A pigeon's pedigree can reveal a lot about its potential for racing. Look for pigeons from a line of consistent performers. However, remember that pedigree isn't everything. An impressive lineage does not guarantee a champion, and a bird from a less distinguished line could still be a strong racer.

Performance Testing
Testing the birds yourself is the most reliable way to identify potential champions. This involves gradually increasing the distance of training flights and observing how well the pigeons perform. Patience is key in this process. It may take months or even years to reveal a pigeon's true potential.

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In conclusion, the philosophy of "Keep only a few racing pigeons, but keep the best you can get," is about understanding the value of quality over quantity. This approach allows for optimal health management, intensive training, cost-effectiveness, and selective breeding practices. By embracing this mindset, you're not just a participant in the sport of pigeon racing; you're a guardian of these magnificent creatures, dedicated to their overall well-being, not just their racing performance. In the end, the rewards of this hobby extend far beyond racing victories; they lie in the unique bond between you and your extraordinary feathered companions.

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