Unlocking Pigeon Racing Success: A Brilliant Trick to Keep Your Male Pigeons in Check!

Unlocking Pigeon Racing Success: A Brilliant Trick to Keep Your Male Pigeons in Check!

Jan de Wijs

Hey, enthusiastic pigeon lovers, here we have another sparkling piece of advice to take your pigeon loft to new heights! Do you recognize this scenario? You want to send out a complete pair of pigeons, but you're unsure about the optimal situation...

For the female pigeons, I suggest having chicks that are around 3 to 4 days old, while the males perform best with young ones that are approximately 8 to 10 days old. Sounds simple, right? Just find a happy medium. However, we encounter a problem: the males sometimes start thinking about the next nest already. This happens more often in the summer period than you might think...

An important point of concern here is the effect on the hen. She doesn't get enough rest because the male is constantly after her. That's certainly not beneficial for her condition and the buildup of her essential reserves. We can't let this continue like that! But how do we keep the male at bay?

The solution
It's surprisingly simple! Place a fake egg made of stone (the plastic versions don't work as well) in the nest, and watch how the male pigeon immediately leaves the female alone. When she lays her own first egg, remove the fake egg and let Mother Nature take her course. Important note: only place one egg! If you put two, they might start incubating already. Like I mentioned before, pigeons can do strange things when it comes to reproduction during the summer period!

Have you ever wondered why those cock birds are so persistent?
This behavior occurs before the laying of the eggs. Once the hens leave the breeding cages, they are usually followed by excited males. These stimulate their hens to walk further by symbolic beak nudges. This behavior usually ends after the second egg is laid or when incubation begins. The persistence increases as more pigeons are present in the loft.

With these fresh insights, I hope you can enhance your pigeon racing experience even further! Did you find this tip useful? Share it on your social media and let all your sports friends benefit from it too...

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