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Dirk van den Bulck

Dirk van den Bulck, racing pigeons for sale

In recent decades, Dirk Van Den Bulck's Belgian pigeon dynasty has dominated races worldwide, particularly in the 100-500 km range. Descendants of his 1st National acebird KBDB, 'Kittel,' and notable siblings like 'Greipel,' 'New Kittel,' 'Bratt,' 'Angelina,' and 'Gold Dust' have amassed numerous victories.

Dirk's foundational pigeons, including 'Goede Rode,' 'Brother Goede Rode' x '40000,' and 'Golden Lady,' have propelled him to global acclaim.

Key mentions:
Olympic Rosita' (1st Olympiad acebird Nitra 2012, 1st Nat. acebird Superduif speed, etc.), 'Kittel' (1st Nat. acebird KBDB speed 2013, renowned speed breeder), 'Greipel' (1st Nat. champ speed KBDB 2013, proven breeder), 'New Kittel' (1st-3rd-8th average +1,500 b., Res. Olympiad ace 2015), 'Olympic Kittel' (Res. Olympiad winner Brussels 2017, 8x 1st prize breeder), 'Liberaal' (4th young acebird Quievrain 2017, g.father 1st Nat. young acebird speed KBDB 2021)

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