Cees Nagel: Master of the Skies - A Triumph at Lennik

Cees Nagel: Master of the Skies - A Triumph at Lennik

Jan de Wijs

In an exhilarating display of speed and precision, Cees Nagel's pigeons have once again proven their supremacy in the skies with a monumental victory in the Lennik pigeon race on April 27.

This wasn't just any race; this was a contest among 14,482 pigeons from 513 fanciers across department 6 of North Holland, covering a daunting distance of 243 kilometers under challenging weather conditions.

The Champion Emerges
The conditions on race day were far from ideal - heavily clouded skies, a gentle southerly breeze at a mere force 2, and temperatures hovering around a cool 10 degrees Celsius. Despite these factors, which could dampen the spirits of any competitor, the pigeons were released at 10:30 AM, setting the stage for an epic battle in the clouds.
Amidst this large cohort of feathered athletes, it was NL.23-9229093, affectionately known as "093", a well-built hen from Cees Nagel's loft, who stole the spotlight. Clocking in at a remarkable speed of 1726 meters per minute, she was registered at the home loft at precisely 12:50:48, marking a clear victory that was nothing short of spectacular.

Cees Nagel, High Quality Racing Pigeons

Seven pigeons suddenly appeared high in the sky, probably lost from another division. From this group, one came down like a rocket, on its way to a spectacular victory. What a brilliant start to the season! And this is precisely the season where Cees mainly focuses on the six day-long races, three of which are over 700 kilometers long. This promises much for the upcoming races!

A Winning Lineage
The lineage of "093" speaks volumes about the meticulous breeding and care that Cees invests in his flock. Bred from a champion lineage involving a cock from Frits Jonker and a hen from Peter Crans, "093" exemplifies the pinnacle of pigeon breeding excellence. This victory not only highlights her innate speed and endurance but also Cees' skill in selecting and nurturing the finest qualities in his birds.

Strategy and Precision
The victory was even more impressive considering that "093" was the second nominated on the basketing list, indicating strategic foresight from Cees. She emerged from a group of seven leading pigeons, showcasing an incredible dive straight down to the loft, a testament to her impeccable training and stamina.

The Loft - A Testament to Efficiency
One might imagine that a champion like "093" comes from a sprawling, luxurious loft, but Cees operates from a modest setup. His loft, measuring a compact 4.8 meters, is efficiently divided, providing space for 20 cocks, the hens, and the youngsters. This setup proves that success in pigeon racing does not necessarily require grandeur but rather well-managed, quality care and deep understanding of each bird’s needs and capabilities.

An Inspiration for Fanciers Worldwide
Cees Nagel’s story is not just about one race or one victory. It's about consistent performance, resilience, and a deep passion for pigeon racing. For fanciers around the world, Cees' approach offers a beacon of inspiration. It demonstrates that with the right knowledge, dedication, and love for pigeons, anyone can achieve greatness, regardless of the size of their loft or the depth of their resources.

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A Look to the Future
As we celebrate this remarkable victory by Cees and "093", it's clear that this is not the culmination but rather another brilliant chapter in a continuing saga of success. With Cees at the helm, the sky is the limit, and the pigeon racing world eagerly anticipates what he will achieve next.

Congratulations, Cees, on your glorious victory in Lennik! The pigeon racing world watches in awe, and we can't wait to see what heights you and your incredible pigeons will soar to next.

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Jan de Wijs
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