Stef Bals Triumphs from Melun: A Young Champion Elevates Pigeon Racing to New Heights

Stef Bals Triumphs from Melun: A Young Champion Elevates Pigeon Racing to New Heights

Jan de Wijs

In the world of pigeon racing, there are moments that make history, and last Saturday, May 4th, was one of them. The young pigeon enthusiast, Stef Bals, only 30 years old, delivered an exceptional performance by claiming the top three places in the pigeon race from Melun. His spectacular victory has drawn the attention of the pigeon racing community to his talent and the potential of his pigeons.

An Unforgettable Race
The race from Melun, a challenging distance of 339 kilometers, began at 7:45 AM with the release of 2,493 pigeons from 182 enthusiasts in Rayon 2, RCC West, in Section 2 Brabant 2000. Under clear skies, with a light easterly wind and a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, the pigeons embarked on their journey home full of energy. However, it was the young Stef Bals from Wouwse Plantage, a picturesque village in the municipality of Roosendaal, who would leave his mark on this day.

At 12:20:13, the first pigeon of Stef Bals arrived, with an impressive speed of 1,235 meters per minute. Just two seconds later, the second pigeon followed, and nine seconds after the first, the third pigeon also arrived. Three pigeons within nine seconds—a rare and admirable achievement that attests to the exceptional quality of his colony.
Stef Bals Triumphs from Melun

The Strongest Genes
Stef Bals owes his success to a carefully built colony of pigeons characterized by superior genes. The foundation of this colony lies with Miss Universe, a breeding wonder from his good friend Maarten Huijsmans from Hoogerheide. The descendants of Miss Universe, particularly New Universe (her daughter) and NPO Men (her grandson), play a crucial role in Stef's successes. These pigeons have proven to possess exceptional capabilities, both in sprint races and middle-distance flights.

A Young Champion, His Stars Shine Worldwide
Despite his relatively young age, Stef Bals has already built an impressive track record. In recent years, he has gained national recognition with his brilliant performances in his favorite categories, the sprint and middle-distance races. Year after year, he has achieved victories against thousands of competitors, cementing his position as a rising star in pigeon racing.

What makes this achievement even more remarkable is that Stef is not only successful in short-distance races but now also proves his mastery in one-day long-distance races. His triumph in Melun is a clear signal to his competitors: Stef Bals is a name to be reckoned with, regardless of the distance.

The Future of Pigeon Racing
Stef Bals' victory is not just a personal triumph, but also an inspiration for pigeon racing in general. His success shows that with dedication, careful selection, and a passion for the sport, great things are possible. At a time when pigeon racing sometimes struggles with an aging enthusiast base, Stef brings a fresh breeze and proves that younger generations can also revitalize this centuries-old sport.

Pigeon racing is a fascinating mix of science, care, and intuition. It requires not only knowledge of the pigeons and their care but also insight into weather patterns, routes, and strategies. Stef Bals embodies these qualities, and his success is an encouraging sign for the future of the sport.

Eijerkamp Hans, Evert Jan, Postduiven Liefhebbers
Stef Bals' spectacular performance in Melun is a testament to his extraordinary talent and the quality of his pigeons. With his victory, he has not only surprised his competitors but also won the hearts of many pigeon enthusiasts. Pigeon racing has a new champion, and the future looks bright. We eagerly await to see what this young star will achieve in the coming years.

With his impressive victories and the promise of more to come, Stef Bals is a name we will not soon forget. His passion, dedication, and extraordinary results inspire us all to embrace the beauty and potential of pigeon racing.

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