“De Dure” The Story Behind the Legendary bred by A.P. Overwater

“De Dure” The Story Behind the Legendary bred by A.P. Overwater

Jan de Wijs

In the world of pigeon-fanciers, there are a few iconic names that are synonymous with endless success and championships. One of those names is A.P. Overwater from the small Dutch village of Strijen.

But it's not just the pigeon-fancier himself who enjoys fame; it's primarily his famous pigeon, NL.92-2905050, who goes by the nickname "De Dure" In this blog, we delve into the story behind this legendary bird and discover why it has left such an indelible impression on the world of pigeon racing.

The Birth of a Legend:
NL.92-2905050 was born from a lineage of talented pigeons. Its parents were already successful flyers and descended from renowned pigeons. With its father, NL.85-1273760 "Bonte Kweker" (son of the legendary "Witbuik" from Batenburg) and its mother, NL.86-3160076 "Braakhuis Duivin" (from the line of Braakhuis' Gouden Koppel), it was clear that the genes were in its favor, as A.P. knew better than anyone!

But it was only when "De Dure" started breeding that its true potential came to light. Its descendants won, among others:

1st Nat. Dax S2
1st Nat. Bergerac
1st Nat. Cahors
1st Nat. Agen FR
1st Nat. Agen S2
1st Nat. Périgueux
1st Nat. Mont de Marsan
1st Nat. Bordeaux ZLU
1st Int. Bordeaux (Yearlings)
And more, much more...

The Secret Behind the Success:
What made "De Dure" so special? Besides its natural talent, there was also the careful selection and trust that A.P. Overwater offered. Overwater is known for his dedication to his pigeons. He created an ideal environment for their development, focusing on nutrition, care, selection, and health. Moreover, he paired "De Dure" with various hens, which was crucial and allowed it to become the absolute foundation sire of the loft and a legendary pigeon in the world of pigeons.

A Symbol of Perseverance:
"The Expensive One" lineage became known not only for the beauty of these pigeons but also for their tireless perseverance. I have never held a pigeon from the lineage of "De Dure" that disappointed me! This made it a symbol of perfection and inspired many pigeon-fanciers around the world. Its story proved that with dedication, care, and a touch of luck, even the most extraordinary achievements are possible.

A Legacy That Lives On:
Although "De Dure" is no longer with us, its legacy lives on. Its performances have enriched pigeon racing and put the name of A.P. Overwater and Strijen on the map. Pigeon-fanciers all over the world remember the glory days of "The Expensive One" and the admirable achievements of its offspring. Its story is a reminder of the magic and potential of this majestic lineage.

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The legendary NL.92-2905050, affectionately known as "De Dure" is a pigeon that has made its mark on the world of pigeon racing. Its exceptional flying performances, perseverance, and the mastery of its owner, A.P. Overwater, have made it a symbol of success. Its legacy will live on for a long time, providing inspiration to pigeon-fanciers worldwide. "The Expensive One" will always be remembered as one of the greatest pigeons

Until next time, with another legendary pigeon in the picture…

Jan de Wijs
Blogger, Racing Pigeon Expert and Influencer…

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