Final Countdown: Last Shipment Window for Derby AS Croatia's Inaugural Pigeon Race Approaches

Final Countdown: Last Shipment Window for Derby AS Croatia's Inaugural Pigeon Race Approaches

Jan de Wijs

Pigeon enthusiasts, fanciers, and competitive racers, take note — the last call is upon us for entering the highly anticipated inaugural edition of the Derby AS Croatia, the new one loft race that has swiftly garnered attention for its world-class facilities and exciting racing program. This race, which is the brainchild of owner and trainer Petar Brlosic, promises to be a crowning event in the world of pigeon racing.


Brlosic, the Croatian champion with young pigeons in the 2023 season, has brought his expertise and love for the sport to the forefront, creating a racing event that offers the best for both the pigeons and their owners. Participants can expect nothing but top-notch care for their birds, including the finest Vanrobaeys PRO REVOLUTION Junior 49 feed from start to finish and premium veterinary treatments.

The race schedule is packed, starting with a range of training distances from 5km to 70km, gearing up for a series of progressively challenging races culminating in the "Super Finale 600km." This endurance-testing race is not only about prestige but also about a substantial prize fund, which is guaranteed to be at least 50% of the activation fees for the participating pigeons.

The clock is ticking.
The last shipment to enter this grand competition is between May 22 and 24, 2024, marking the final opportunity for racers to be part of this great new tradition in Croatia. With the maximum capacity set at 1500 pigeons, securing your spot is crucial to compete among the best.

The Derby AS Croatia is situated on a picturesque hill, free from obstructions, ensuring not only a challenging racecourse but also a serene environment for both pigeons and guests. It’s a perfect blend of competition and relaxation, with organized accommodation and complimentary food and drink for all guests at the races.

Costs have been meticulously laid out: a team of 5+1 comes at a fee of 600€, while individual pigeons can be entered at 120€ each, plus a 10€ transport fee per pigeon. This thoughtful structuring ensures clarity and fairness, upholding the derby’s promise of "the same conditions for every pigeon!"

Whether you’re an avid pigeon racer or a new enthusiast, the Derby AS Croatia is a not-to-be-missed event, set to raise the standards of one loft racing. Remember, the final dates to be part of this historical event are looming. May 22 to 24 are the dates to mark, to not just race but to be part of a community that celebrates the enduring spirit and resilience of the beloved racing pigeon.

My advice? Make sure you join this great race!

Do you want to join this great race?
Click the banner below or contact Petar directly at or call / whatsapp +385989870462

Derby As Croatia, A Unique One Loft Race For Racing Pigeons In Croatia.
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