Koos van Koppen's Remarkable Victory From Niergnies against 18.420 Pigeons

Koos van Koppen's Remarkable Victory From Niergnies against 18.420 Pigeons

Jan de Wijs

On April 27, the pigeon racing community witnessed an exceptional performance that will be talked about for years to come. Koos van Koppen's pigeon, bearing the ring number 21-1257845, clinched a memorable victory in the Niergnies race, setting a new benchmark in the Brabant 2000 region.

The Stage is Set
The race commenced in Niergnies, with the pigeons released at 9:50 AM under favourable weather conditions. The day was slightly cloudy with a moderate south wind blowing at force 4 and a temperature of 12 degrees Celsius. The course was set for 176 kilometres back to Koos' lofts in Steenbergen.

A Performance for the Ages
The champion pigeon, a chequered white flight cock, arrived back at 11:30:17, achieving an astounding speed of 1761 meters per minute. This was notably 3 meters per minute faster than the runner-up, showcasing an incredible burst of speed and stamina over a relatively long distance. This bird's performance was not just a win but a statement, outpacing the second-place finisher in a race that saw 18,420 pigeons entered by 660 enthusiasts. The level of competition was nothing short of elite, highlighting the victory's significance.
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A Look at the Champion
The winner, 21-1257845, is no stranger to success. Just 14 days prior to this race, he secured 3rd place among 2,443 pigeons from Bierges. Following that, he was the last pigeon from Quiévrain before showcasing his remarkable speed in Niergnies. His consistent performances have made him a standout, not only in this race but throughout the previous seasons. Last year, he had already claimed a first in a club race from Niergnies under different weather conditions, with a northeast wind pushing against him. His accolades include being named the 7th Pigeon Champion Sprint the previous year, underscoring his speed and endurance.

A Rich Heritage
The pedigree of this champion is adorned with the renowned bloodlines of Leo van Rijn, Martin van Zon, and Willem de Bruin—three titans of pigeon racing whose genetics have produced numerous champions. This lineage has undoubtedly contributed to 21-1257845's robust constitution and racing prowess, enabling him to dominate in various conditions and competitions.

The Significance of the Victory
This victory in Niergnies is a testament to Koos van Koppen's meticulous approach to training and breeding. It highlights not just the physical capabilities of the winning pigeon, but also the strategic acumen in selecting and breeding from lines that are known for their speed and endurance.
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A Global Perspective
For pigeon racing enthusiasts worldwide, Koos van Koppen’s recent win serves as an inspiring example of what can be achieved through dedication, strategic breeding, and precise race preparation. The performance of 21-1257845 at Niergnies is a beacon of excellence in the pigeon racing community, providing insights into the potential for genetic excellence combined with expert handling.

As the pigeon racing season continues, all eyes will surely be on Koos van Koppen and his remarkable birds. Will this champion continue to dominate, or will a new contender rise? Only time will tell, but for now, the racing world revels in the glory of a race well flown and a victory well deserved.

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