Maarten Hakvoort and the Spectacular Triumph of “Arvid”: A Tale of Passion and Achievement in Pigeon Racing

Maarten Hakvoort and the Spectacular Triumph of “Arvid”: A Tale of Passion and Achievement in Pigeon Racin

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Welcome, pigeon racing enthusiasts! Today, we delve into the remarkable story of Maarten Hakvoort, an unassuming pigeon racing hero from the picturesque town of Urk, whose unparalleled achievements in pigeon racing have astonished the world. Maarten, a fancier with a modest loft, proves that quality always trumps quantity. His dedication and expertise have led to a sensational victory: his pigeon “Arvid” was crowned the best all-around pigeon at the FCI in 2022.

Urk, a small town in Flevoland with a rich history, is the proud home of Maarten. This former island, known for its deep-rooted traditions, has a special connection with pigeon racing. And in this community, Maarten excels, especially with the offspring of Eijerkamp pigeons, with which he has achieved numerous victories.

Let's talk about “Arvid”, the NL.21-4226862, a magnificent example of pigeon splendor and a grandson of the famous Supercouple, “Barend J” x “Aniek”. The father of Arvid was purchased as an egg from Timco vd Berg from Nunspeet.

“Arvid”, a young, promising cock, made waves in the pigeon racing world by winning 1st prize from Chimay against 1,912 pigeons and shortly before that, 2nd place from Heusden-Zolder. His parents, originating from prestigious lines, testify to Maarten's excellent breeding program. “Arvid” his mother comes from v.d. Stouwe – Douna, further contributing to his impressive genetics.

Arvid's performances are nothing short of sensational:

1st Dutch pigeon all-round FCI in 2022
2nd World best pigeon all-round FCI 2022
2nd Best yearling Pipa ranking 2022
12th Best ace pigeon Pipa raking 2022

- 1st Chimay against 1,912 pigeons
- 1st Sourdun against 1.300 pigeons
- 2nd Heusden-Zolder against 1,847 pigeons
- 2nd Heusen-Zolder against 6.349 pigeons
- 2nd Duiven against 203 pigeons
- 3rd Marche against 10.553 pigeons
- 9th Chimay against 1,662 pigeons
- 22nd Arlon against against 10.564 pigeons
- 24th Salieu against against 6,782 pigeons
- 20th Duiven against 4.925 pigeons

Strong as iron and an unbeatable character
But it's not just his speed that makes “Arvid” exceptional. During one of his first races, he showed iron character by flying so fast that he accidentally crashed into the window instead of landing on the landing board. He fell into the gutter, but quickly recovered and flew onto the landing board – a testament to his incredible determination and resilience.

Besides “Arvid”, Maarten has another super pigeon, 'Peter', who ranked as 5th Provincial Ace Pigeon middle distance and 6th National Ace Pigeon in the PIPA Rankings. These successes are a testament to Maarten's exceptional skills and his ability to breed and train top pigeons.

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The stories of Maarten Hakvoort and his incredible pigeons, like “Arvid”, are not just a celebration of personal achievement but also an inspiration to everyone in the world of pigeon racing. They remind us that with passion, dedication, and a touch of genius, even in the smallest lofts, grand dreams can come true.

So, pigeon enthusiasts, let's give a round of applause to Maarten Hakvoort, a true champion from Urk, who inspires us all to reach for the stars in our own pigeon racing adventures!

Did this all impress you?
Follow Maarten on his socials where he shares his results and other need to know things about his love for our wonderful sport. You can find the link to his social below. Every time you are impressed about his results remember I was the one recommended this super fancier with a little basket but with huge results! Maarten, has some young birds for sale very now and then, so make sure you follow him!

Need to get in touch with him directly?
Reach out by email to or call / WhatsApp +31648609152, Maarten will be more than happy to help you all the way!


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